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*** I never even considered the impact of regional impact on fuel costs due to "unforeseen" equipment issues at refineries*** --I never even considered the impact on regional fuel costs due to "unforeseen" equipment issues at refineries...-- Geez, can't type this morning!
Yeah, pretty good article. I never even considered the impact of regional impact on fuel costs due to "unforeseen" equipment issues at refineries, I have to add though that I do find it strangely coincidental that the industry has two refineries break down right at the peak of this current price spike in the same region but that may just be the cynic in me. I have learned that if there is a group I trust as little as politicians its oil executives. These folks lie every day in an effort to manipulate the market and optimize profit margins.
Which brings me back to my question. With fuels (gas and diesel) being at a record high, why in the hell are we exporting it?...and not just exporting a little bit, it is the U.S. #1 export. When the industry is posed this same question their answer is, "With the current reduced demand for refined fuels in America we have a surplus. It makes practical business sense to export it." This is a direct contradiction to the debate here which is, fuel costs are as high as they are because there isn't enough supply to meet the demand.
There is no shortage of oil I agree, in a sense. It is a finite resource and we need to be diligent but I do not believe there is a shortage....hell , fuel is our #1 export. You know why so many of these issued permits for drilling and leased lands are not currently being used? It is because the petroleum companies has deemed "not economically viable" to pursue. In other words, this isn't enough profit in.
Now if this discussion was actually about reducing our dependence on imported oil then I fee you and I would be in complete agreement, but it is not. It is about the cost of fuel at the pump and what actually controls it. ________________________________________________ pemise = Premise You do not have to worry about correcting your spelling mistakes with me. I am not so petty as to use an occasional typo or fat finger as leverage in a debate. _______________________________________________ So you are saying that Obama is lying! Of course he is! It is an election year and he is a politician...they all lie, all of them.
I'm saying that sweet oil is used primarily to make gasoline because of its lower sulfur rate. This is true, no argument here. What does that have to do with the question I posed regarding REFINED FUEL being America's #1 export? ___________________________________________________________ So is it your pemise that replacing all foreign oil with our own is a bad thing? No. Like I have said several times in this discussion, our nation should use all our resources, including oil. With that said, we will never "replace all foreign oil with our own" if our current usage remains the same as it is today, it is a physical impossibility. The U.S. currently uses 25% of all the oil produced globally.
Or this one http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=can-offshore-drilling-make-us-independent
http://www.csmonitor.com/USA/2012/0223/As-gas-prices-rise-should-US-oil-industry-stop-exporting/(page)/2 This link may be more up your alley then....or maybe this one. http://www.usatoday.com/money/industries/energy/story/2011-12-31/united-states-export/52298812/1
Are you actually saying "sweet oil" is the same as refined fuel? OK, dismiss the Holt link out of hand because he is a Democrat. What about the AP link?
You didn't provide any sources so I figured you were guessing...why would all these people and companies be scrambling for permits with a glut of oil? You obviously have a computer, check the statistics I provided for yourself, they are a matter of public record. _____________________ Depends what kind of oil they are exporting..."sweet oil" or other. I did not say anything about exporting oil of any kind, I said refined fuels(gas, diesel, jet fuel) _____________________________________ http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5iLwl5cLvCy3ocY8Lj-ArMIURwvHw?docId=fe4e5ced613e4e908cf16637eb7f16ea http://holt.house.gov/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=288%3Agas-prices-myths-vs-facts&catid=7&Itemid=3
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