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Double Murder on "Gun-Free" College Campus in Wyoming

edweirdness2 Wrote: Dec 21, 2012 11:17 AM
America needs to wise up regarding semi-automatic weapons. A revolver, or a double barrel shotgun or deringer, or multi barreled black powder weapons would technically be "semi-automatic" because a round is fired with each trigger pull. I would note that Bob Munden holds several records through his ability to fire 8 rounds per second using a cowboy style revolver. Guns are not the issue, unless only bad guys or crazy people have them. The ability to defend yourself or your family is not something government should or could control. If bad guys or an oppressive government are the only ones who can carry high capacity weapons, our freedom will have already been lost.

If you were involved in a desperately violent situation would you want to be armed and protected or left empty handed?

If it were me--a responsible 22 year old woman--I sure wouldn't want to be found in harms way without a way to defend myself, no matter what the location.

Two people--a faculty member and an additional victim (likely a student)--were violently murdered at Casper College in Wyoming this morning. The college spokesman, Rich Fujita, told reporters that a crossbow and another similar weapon were used in the attacks.

Wyoming state gun laws leave it to the...