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The term homophobe is Economicallly bigoted!
You don't even understand what is happening...The gays have gained power and have subverted the nation. We are in the fight of our lives and you don't get it.
I recall a time when you could put yourself through school, it was called "Work-Study"ay Today we don't do that but we sure like to saddle our young people with huge debts all the while making it nearly impossible for them to be able to pay it back because we won't create enough jobs and we love the idea of giving our jobs to foreigners:(
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President Obama’s Belfast Blarney

Edward596 Wrote: Jun 22, 2013 12:01 PM
Kenny, Sadly I just do not understand how any elective official even an American President, could ever say anything like this. You would think that someone would have said "Mr President, you can't say that" but apparently no one did. This is just so disconcerting to me as a little more than 4 years ago I found out that not only does President Obama have Irish roots but we in fact share and uncommon American name Kearney my Grandfather emigrating around 1920 and his ancestor came over 70 years earlier from very close to Dublin. At the very least we share the name and at the most we may be distant blood relations. Like many others, I was so hopeful for him because we needed leadership to solve the many great problems that confront our nation. Sadly, I see that we were all fooled into believing and I find myself wishing that he is not my distant cousin. Ed Murray XU Class of 1980
It's not logical to say that all heterosexuals have done that.
This will turn out to be a repeat of Roe...And also Prohibition!
I think we have a right to a job..what do you think of that?
Well thousand...most probably some of your ancestors were Christian!
In most nations that allow same sex marriage most do not marry. So why do they need marriage if they don't marry? Don't give me that civil rights stuff either... Try to come up with a real reason.
Did your grandparents believe that? How about our Founding Fathers? Why are you here on this planet?
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