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No I'm sorry but you need to go back to school period. You need to study what the founders said and who they were. None of them would agree with you and same sex marriage... Gee, I wonder why?
Anti gay? I think you are Anti Catholic and Anti Christian. Perhaps you need to really learn something about our religion??? I believe in mercy above all things for that is the message of Jesus Christ. Now , just how many Christians have sued gay couples for whatever reason???? Actions speak louder than words...a lawsuit in these cases shows that these gay couples are just mean spirited period!
If you think that your buddies haven't started shutting off debate consider what is happening... Christians being sued ...losing their businesses...because a couple of gays couldn't get them to celebrate a gay wedding? That doesn't shut off debate I have to wonder what galaxy you are really from? IF someone did that to you , because of your beliefs..what would you do? Huh?
How about the millions and millions more..try about 97% of us who are not gay?
The new right was between two men and two women ..the right that existed all along was between man and woman. Men and women fit together and in sexual union new life is created. That's the basis of humanity...the human family and you can't really have the same kind of connection with parents that are both men or both women.
I agree which is why I as a one time office holder...a Democrat, has chosen to be and Independent and probably a Republican by summer. I may be 58 but I'm not dead yet and I can still vote!
Why must we try? I mean you need to explain yourself...do you mean that millions of years of evolution is meaningless? Or thousands of years of human culture is meaningless? Are there not some ideas that are just nutty enough that most of us realize they shouldn't be tried? IF you want to experiment , do it by thought , by computer but you are dealing with flesh and blood people with hearts and souls ! Why do harm especially to the children? Children are not posessions!
We are really talking about marriage as an institution for one thing and if children have the right ...to have both Mother and Father.
Try focusing on how you would feel if the government decided that you had to do whatever you just don't want to do?
In any other era Eddie, you would be right but today what is normal, traditional and Natural...meaning what nature has chosen for us ...is wrong because a few folks are so into themselves and confused that they have all the answers and that anyone who disagrees is a bigot including Mother Nature...
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