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Why would anyone need more than 20 weeks to decide whether or not they are going to kill their baby? In the real world if you spend that much time planning to kill somebody you would be guilty of premeditated murder.
So... Taking one in the rear is something commanding officers should look forward to in the interest of highest moral standards? How about calling your mother and telling her how proud you are to have done it.
I keep wondering why Obama isn't in prison yet. Anyone this blatantly un-American is the pResident? I keep waiting for the punch line cause this is a joke, right? Seriously how does he keep getting away with this stuff? Isn't congress supposed to keep thing like this from happening? It's no longer one insane law after another. Now it's dozens of insane laws, after another after another, after another, after another.........
More Solyndra's to be owned by Obama supporters to get billions in loans only to donate most to the democrat Obama's "Scamming for America Organization" before going bankrupted and pocketing the rest? And in the end still no solar or wind power for the taxpayer. If any one of us can up with something like this we'd be Bernie Madoff's cell mate for the next 100 years.
Maybe we should change the system? Have a electoral college system where a county with a large city full of welfare recipients has no more say than a county of 10,000 working people who pay all the taxes and ask for nothing more than to be left alone to live free of liberal interference.
I can't see how Obama's up coming $100 million dollar vacation to Africa is going to help anything. If anything needs to be sequestered it's the Obama's vacations.
They should also immediately repeal the recent change extending Secret Service protection for former Presidents. From a life time of protection, instead reduce the amount of time to one Presidential term. At the end of four years history says they were a good president they will have nothing to fear. If the were a bad president they deserve to worry. I think we would have a better class of Presidents if they knew people could be coming for a " Friendly" visit if they didn't do a great job. Post a map on line to their home?
I thought Diane Feinstein was the one that will be selling all those empty federal buildings? Oh her "Husband" got the no-bid contract to sell the old Post Offices (Same thing since California is a community property state) She also managed to submit the lowest bid on the "Bullet Train in the middle of nowhere" Some $35 million a mile.Almost everyone suspects insider information had a great deal to do with it. But all the time she's been in office it was one IPO's after another and government contracts mysteriously being won by her "Husband" have made her a multimillionaire. Somehow She and her husband got the ONLY TWO concealed weapons permits issued in San Francisco in a greater than 10 year span. I also like how "He" got the contract for the baggage carts a San Francisco's airport. Too bad they can't be used to cart out the trash in government. I keep wondering why they don't do a real investigation into political corruption in the Bay Area. Too much attention on gay rights issues to notice how much other things suck here.
No illegal alien should be allowed to bring anyone else into the country with out that person getting in the back of the line right behind the illegals that are here now. And the birth right baby program must end or they will be able to get food stamps, welfare and housing because of the children that will already be Mexican citizens as well as an American citizen.
Blocked by a minority of Senators? I think Joe's got it all wrong. If I'm not mistaken, when you vote on something the "MAJORITY" always wins. So apparently gun control nuts were in the minority and lost, which is how the people wanted it to be. From the PIE chart above it would seem that nearly twice as many want to forget this assault on 2nd amendment from the loons on the left. And move on to things like sending the illegals back to where ever they have come here from.
Staffers forgot Obama's speech? I don't see how that could possible, You'd think they would be on the edge of their seats waiting for Dear Leader to read every word with breathless anticipation. I don't see heads to roll on this, they have been inserted too far to roll, bump down the hall maybe.
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