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Neither of them got educated,they simply attended. All because of affirmative action. Neither could have gotten into a Jr. College by qualifying. If they weren't a certain color they would have wound up as high school drop outs. Him selling pot and crack on some street corner in Chicago and her standing on the opposite corner. Neither has had a real job that the obtained by qualifying. They were hired because of who they knew not what they knew. The most unqualified undeserving couple ever to step into the White house. She couldn't have gotten a job as chamber maid or him a job as janitor in a sane world. They both need to get down on their knees and kiss Pelosi's hand for lying for them.
I would have ask her to help me pick out a watermelon. LOL
Gee whizz you finally figured that out? And here we were thinking you Air Farce types to be brilliant. After too much time out in the wild blue yonder I guess the thin air and lack of oxygen kind of slows down the thinking process that leads ya'll to be liberals Semper Fi
Hands up Don't shoot? The thug had just committed a strong arm robbery, attempted to take a cops gun after pummeling him in the police car. And was charging him like a 300lb drugged out thug. He should have stopped when ordered. I believe he had every intention of beating that Cop to death if he could just get his hands on him. I wasn't there and didn't see what happened but apparently enough witnesses saw and testified before the Grand Jury for them to exonerate Wilson. Holder is out of line for his remarks, it sounds like what he is really saying is " Let my peeps loot and burn and don't you crackers lift a finger to stop them. Cause Whitey got it coming!"
Why not? He is already over looking murder, rape , robbery and drug dealing,
Girls threatened with guns ? In Englandstan ? Unlikely cause everybody knows Islam is if nothing else the religion of peace. And besides guns are banned in England.
Have Congress declare war on Islam and those old enough to carry guns? kill them all.
Nasty old 1894 when $20 would buy an ounce of gold? No income tax, no federal reserve printing money out of thin air( Bankers getting rich of the rest of us) in 1984 $4000 today is equal to $109,000. No telling how many millions of laws and regulation taking away your freedoms have been passed, last year alone approximately 40,000 freedom robbing laws alone. and probably 1000 times as many regulations from bureaucrats you didn't even elect Take me back to 1894 anytime.
Duh! Haven't you been paying attention? It's OK for Susan Rice, Barrack Obama and Erick Hold to make stuff up and lie to the American Citizens....They're Black. As far as Hillary lying, she wishes she was black instead of just fat, ugly and gay.
And you liberals shouldn't have the right to have a say in how tax dollars are spent unless you work and "PAY" taxes.
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