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Am I the only one who resents the continuous grab for power and control? I loved the way the internet worked as it was. If you wanted faster internet you paid a little more. Sounded fare to me. You get what you pay for. I'm afraid now we all we pay more so everyone can has less. Forgive me if I seem skeptical about government control making for efficiency. But maybe I see the same government employees that have made the DMV and IRS such a model of efficiency being put in charge. But on the bright side with the government controlling every thing now NSA and Obama's homoland security won't have such a hard time spying on you.
Just what have these liberals been smoking? Must be crack, a new improved crack at that.
We should give illegal aliens two choices. One, leave the country tonight or Two, be hung in the morning.
It would be great if it were Gowdy that appointed the next AG if you get my drift.
The more I get to listen to Trey Gowdy the more I like and respect him. And the more I realize why the lying scum sucking Democrats don't. Go get em Trey. You da man.
Obama is waiting until the Canadians ,who want the pipe line, learn Spanish so they can hire illegals to build it.
Stop being thugs and you would be shot.
Couldn't even caddy for Donald Trump?
Dressing like gang-bangers traveling in groups and eying us is apt to get you one thing....Shot.
Neither of them got educated,they simply attended. All because of affirmative action. Neither could have gotten into a Jr. College by qualifying. If they weren't a certain color they would have wound up as high school drop outs. Him selling pot and crack on some street corner in Chicago and her standing on the opposite corner. Neither has had a real job that the obtained by qualifying. They were hired because of who they knew not what they knew. The most unqualified undeserving couple ever to step into the White house. She couldn't have gotten a job as chamber maid or him a job as janitor in a sane world. They both need to get down on their knees and kiss Pelosi's hand for lying for them.
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