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In a country of 310 million that comes out to over 3,200 for every man woman and child. If they took all that money and gave it to those who were 21 and over, a citizen for the past 10 years and made less than $50,000 a year and didn't have any felony convictions on their permanent records The Government could write checks to the amount of $100,000 each. Cut out government workers and the people themselves could be out of poverty for a few years at least.
Obama's whereabouts? If he had of been in Chicago I'd offer he was down at the local gay bathhouse chasing older White men. In Washington maybe he was locked in the oval office with Jay doing his impression of the "Monica move" Do you think Jay has a Blue dress too"
Hillary says.... Hillary lies like a rug. Her whole career has been one lie after another. And anyone who had proof wound up dead.
There goes the neighborhood.
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Rick Perry's Texas Legacy is Secure

Edward570 Wrote: Jul 18, 2013 9:47 PM
Rick Perry and Ted Cruz 2016
Holder isn't a ground squirrel, he's a ground weasel!
Nancy's supporters already practice a type of sex that guarantees pregnancy will not occur. Same sex sex.
Birds and the Bees? Nancy looks like she's been stung by a billion bees than had all the sense pecked out of her by a billion birds.
If you go to "The Freedom Index" site you will see that anything Nancy Pelosi has voted on has only got about a 16% chance of being constitutionally legal.
Why would anyone need more than 20 weeks to decide whether or not they are going to kill their baby? In the real world if you spend that much time planning to kill somebody you would be guilty of premeditated murder.
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