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YOU WROTE The Republican National Committee is now engaged in a nationwide poll-and-focus-group examination into why the electorate voted the way it did. I SAY save your money, here is the problem: the GOP nessage was not heard. The media controls public opinion. Fix that and you will have a chance,
Lets face it: the GOP message doesn't get out to anyonre, least of all to young voters, Until that problem is fixed, public opinion (=votes) will be FOR the Democrat Party. We lost the battle be cause they control the message.
It angers me when I see Conservatives unable to address the issue of Abortion. They talk about it as if it was a 'religious' or 'moral' issue. Having an abortion and hooking up are morally equivalent: Those who are Religious will condemn these activities because they think these are sins. Those who are not Religious fanatics will at best abstain from 'imposing' moral values on others: hence the 'freedom of Choice'. It angers me when pro-Life people fail to point out the fact that the Human Embryo is an Individual of the Human Species, and that those who have, perform or support abortions are in fact killing innocent individuals. Yet, I guess we rather look the other way
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GOP Convention

Edward412 Wrote: Nov 15, 2012 10:35 AM
The majority did not care for President Obama’s record. We lost because the majority wants Big Government taking care of them. The majority wants the Government to take money from the Rich: both, to punish them (because being rich is considered being bad and greedy), and to use their money to take care of them via Government sponsored welfare. In short: THE MAJORITY WANTS TO BE TAKEN CARE OF. GOP Principles have no space there. We do not have any product the Majority would like because the only principles the GOP has are American Principles.
We need to bring light to this issue. Too many Religious types and Philosophers types have muddle the view. We need Science...and only Science... Science is factual and clear: The Human Embryo is an individual of the Human Species. Not even Peter Singer contradicts that fact. So, the Legislators must legislate whether it is JUST to kill unborn individuals if it is felt that they re a source of socio-psychological distress. I am a Pediatrician. I think that Unborn individuals are not like a bad tooth one yaks because it causes pain. We should respect ALL individuals, we should protect the defenseless and weak.
The correct words are: FRIENDS,” not firends“ and impending not “ inpending” My corrections take care of the need to point out the obvious: the American Public School system IS VERY BAD. Free Market IS the Middle Class. Those like Obama who claim they are ‘FOR” the Middle class do it for a reason: to make you feel safe. LOOK at what they do, not at what they say. Obama wants to control and shackle the Middle Class, the same way his Founders did in the Soviet Union.
Three times... ...three times they rejected God. Obama is their Leader…connect the dots…here are examples: Obama’s people ordered the Name of Christ covered with black plywood before Obama could give a speech at Notre Dame. The Obama Administration said America is NOT a Judeo-Christian Nation Obama is a follower of Saul Alinsky. Alinski dedicated ( ‘Rules for Radicals’ Obama's Bible) to Satan: “Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history... the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — Lucifer.” ...three times they rejected God.
(Part 2...final) This is why I share ONE sentiment with Che Guevara, who said: "It is easier to KILL a Guerrillero inside his mother's womb than to kill him in the mountains". I am a Pediatrician, I used to work –freely- for the poor (until recently). President Obama solution (the enslavement of People to Government controlled welfare) contrasts with a plan that empowers the needy and gives them the power to choose. We who care for the poor support Paul Ryan.
(Part 1) In plain English: The Theology of Liberation is a heresy. These so called Catholics do NOT speak on behalf of or represent the Church. We remember 'catholics' like these: the Camilo Torres and Ernesto Cardenals. These ‘catholics’ are communists ‘en sotana’. Before one come to deal with social issues one must deal with the MOST important of issues: the Right to Life. Your personal chance for Social Justice does not amount to a hill of beans if they KILL you because you are unwanted. These same ‘catholics’ who fake a desire to Pray for Paul Ryan have condoned the monstrous holocaust being carried out by Planned Parenthood. Further to this, they have embraced Obama, a man who supports Partial Birth Abortion.
Kevin...I think Chries got you! I do not think Obama is stupid...Obama is plain ANTI-AMERICAN EVIL.
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