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It is hard to take seriously the comments of someone who wants to festoon trained members of the bovine family with some type of gourd.
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Repeal and replace Obamacare

Edward327 Wrote: Apr 14, 2014 8:00 AM
Thank you for pointing out that we actually had "health care" before this monstrosity. A percentage of the "uninsured" before 2009 were eligible for Medicaid but had not signed up, and a large percentage were young people who preferred to spend their money on other things. Some places have public hospitals for indigent care (Dallas Parkland Hospital and New Orleans Charity Hospitals come immediately to mind), some states had assigned risk pools to cover those with existing conditions (dictionary alert - how can anything be "pre-existing"? That is even worse than calling health insurance "health care", grammatically speaking). The argument has been made that people who did not have health insurance (and weren't eligible for Medicaid) cost the taxpayers, and mandated health insurance would save us the cost of paying for these people's health care. While it is true that there was a public cost, the cost of Obamacare should put an end to the use of that argument - but it won't, Liberals will continue to use it.
Is anyone actually surprised by a Liberal exhibiting hypocrisy?
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The Great Divide in America

Edward327 Wrote: Apr 13, 2014 8:22 AM
That should read "...but government is nothing but time and our money."
Right. Compromise with gun control supporters means giving them "only" part of your freedom this time. Their history shows that they will come back again and again seeking more of your freedom. They believe they are "doing good". They will not consider they could be wrong and will never rest in their efforts to take away your rights.
Looked at from another perspecitve, if ignorance of the law is no excuse for violating any particular law, it is incumbent on the State to make sure there is a consistency in the law. State preemption laws ensure that citizens aren't violating a city or county ordinance while in their state of residence because they don't live in that city or county and aren't familiar with local laws.
Wish there was an "edit" function. Further research shows I was mistaken. Mozilla claims Chrome and Chromium both use Mozilla technology. Mozilla makes no such claim about Opera, so whatever Opera is based on, no part of it comes from Mozilla.
Exactly. For those who object to the intrusive company (Google) which controls Chrome, there is Chromium (the kernel of Chrome without the Google additions) or Opera (also based on the kernel and, IIRC, on the market before Google introduced Chrome). I'm going with Opera as I rebuild my desktop this week.
Wow! Is that a surprise! A Liberal Democrat BFF of Hillary and Billary is a gun control freak. Who would have guessed that? Oh, almost everybody with half a brain (that leaves Moe Baum less than 25% towards meeting the requirement.
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