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Come to think of it, you are in error in thinking human behavior is fact based and not based on "consensus". Why are certain articles and styles of clothing popular? Why are certain musical styles popular? Popular opinion is precisely "consensus", and human behavior is significantly controlled by popular opinion.
You are partially correct. There are no facts in the AGW debate. There is the fact that the Earth is warmer now than it was in 1900. But there are no provable facts that man has caused such warming, or any significant part of it. There are climate modeling programs, the output of which has been less than accurate on projections in the near term. Computer program calculations are not facts.
As you know, that is most every politician and most every subject. Unfortunately many of the "experts" on whom Congresscritters (and their staff people) rely to advise, and often write much of the bills, are as clueless as those they are advising.
Good thing the bill debate and vote have been put off because of Conservatives opposing it in the current form.
Better tell someone in graphics that "Deficit" and "Debt" are not the same thing and a graph on Debt doesn't contribute much to an article on deficits.
Nixon thought about it. He talked about it. He even ordered some of it done (and was told "No"). This crew* gets it done, and a lot worse. * Think of the word as used in connection with Jamaicans)
Actually I believe the MSM did that for him, just as they help and cover for him today (although there are some cracks developing there).
anon: They might be shameful, but most certainly are shameless.
That obviously should be trim the voter rolls OF people who haven't voted.
We don't need to make every registered voter re-register if the states trim the voter rolls to people who haven't voted in some years (OK by Federal Law, opposed by Holder) and use picture ID (OK'd by some Federal Courts - including the SCOTUS, opposed by Holder and all other Democrats). After all, registration is no guarantee at all since "Motor Voter" was placed in Federal statute by the Democrats.
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