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GOP Cowards

Edward327 Wrote: Nov 23, 2014 9:49 AM
You mean like Representative Hal Rogers suggesting that the Congress pass an Omnibus funding bill for the rest of the Fiscal Year, then - when the majority is both Houses - pass a Recission Bill eliminating funding for this Amnesty? Of course Rogers, who is Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, has also said that Customs and Immigration Service is funded by fees which are not in the budget or appropriations (leaving out that Congress could deny CIS the power to use those fees for whatever Congress disapproves). But beyond that, Rogers knows that Obama will simply Veto any Recission Bill, and there are not the votes to override a Veto. It would only be a move to make it look like Republicans are fighting, while making sure that nothing is done. Rogers has apparently been taking lessons from Jonathan Gruber, who also thinks the people are stupid.
His Imperial Executiveness is comparable to Lincoln, The Great Emancipator? Well, his campaign staff (AKA the MSM) were comparing him to Lincoln, Roosevelt (the younger) and occasionally nearing Jesus in importance since day one of the Administration (and even before).
"The GOP has more to lose by alienating its base in upcoming elections if it continues this mealy-mouthed approach." Sadly the Republican "Leadership" doesn't seem to understand this simple equation. If they go through the Kabuki theater of passing an Omnibus Appropriation Bill for the remainder of the Fiscal Year, claiming that they will pass a Recission Bill taking funding away from the amnesty process, they will lose - big time. The Republican base doesn't fit Gruber's "stupid voter" meme and will understand that the Republican Leadership knew His Imperial Executiveness would veto any Recission Bill which makes it to his Oval Office desk, leaving the full funding in place for the rest of the Fiscal Year. The Leadership just would go through this bit of theater so they can blame Dear Leader for the problem while they get the amnesty they too support.
IIRC Dan Patrick, the Lt. Governor elect in Texas, ran on a platform which strongly promoted increased border enforcement using the Texas Department of Public Safety and other state resources. Patrick won more Hispanic votes than George W. Bush when he ran for Governor and collected a record percentage (for a Republican) of the Hispanic vote. But hey, Republicans can't win without pandering to La Raza, et al. WE know this because the Republican political consultants tell us this. Oh, and so do the Democrats.
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Bowing Before the Almighty Jon Stewart

Edward327 Wrote: Nov 21, 2014 8:22 AM
In other words - no change from yesterday or the day before. Example: He's been re-writing the Affordable Care Act (AKA Obamacare) without the Congress for a while now (e.g. delaying the implementation of the employer mandate until after the 2014 Mid-term elections without any power in the law to change the date the law specified).
Exactly! Talk is cheap (talk from politicians even easier to come by). I believe Erick Erickson is correct, the Republican leadership (and "establishment") want this, particularly with a "demon" to blame for doing it. They will make lots of noise, take whatever action(s) which will not have any effect and can be vetoed by His Imperial Executiveness, and then sit back and enjoy their "loss".
So a little bit of "We won't invite you to our cocktail parties" and it's OK that he folds and voids his contract? I guess his word isn't any better than his signature on a contract (no ethical difference between the two).
The NSSF is an industry trade show, not open to the public. So attendance won't change whether Leno is, or is not, performing.
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