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War? What war? /s/ His Imperial Executiveness
Your belief that at least a majority of voters will wake up could be mistaken. The majority may continue to wallow in their Bread and Circuses, though I have to admit that those who won't get off the couch may not be voters either. But enough of the Low Information Voters (LIV) will turn out (in some places it depends on what the Democrats are paying per vote).
Sonic asks people to not bring firearms? How would they know if a patron had a firearm in their vehicle (except for trucks with rifle racks)?
Don't feed the troll.
The entire world is watching, it isn't just national TV. Though I doubt the rest of the world will take from the riots the idea that there is a valid reason to own firearms, it seems the take is more along the lines of the US is falling apart and/or how racist the US still is.
" Could it be as bad as what this great country is being drug through?" Could you clarify whether you are referring to the efforts to expose the corruption at the IRS and/or Administration, and you are complaining about the efforts to expose that corruption, or whether you are referring to the corruption and the effect on the country?
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15 Things I Hate About Politics

Edward327 Wrote: Aug 16, 2014 7:58 AM
I only wish that "They accomplish nothing" were really true. Unfortunately what they accomplish harms the taxpayers.
Part of the problem is the Supremes stated some control laws are OK, but have refused to take on any cases so they can declare what the limits might be. Could be because there aren't 5 votes to support any limits on state regulation, it only takes 4 votes to take up a case and the various Circuit Courts of Appeal have come up with totally differing decisions on the limits. But so far they are content to allow the lower courts to rule willy nilly. So it is your right to own a firearm, but in some jurisdictions that right ends at your front door as the courts rule you have no right to have that firearm outside of your house.
Don't support Christie - period. He's suddenly discovered he might be a little more favorable to the 2d Amendment since he sees 2016 in his future. Not much more, but maybe a little more than not at all. But hey, he can shout at people really loud and doesn't like unions (probably because they won't contribute to his campaigns).
Another attack* on the US will wake people up, for a while. Then the Drive By Media will tut tut about the evils of war and the loss of civilian lives (as they are with the current Israeli action against Hamas, where the "civilian dead" includes military age young men in much greater numbers than their representation in the general population). And most of the people will go back to their couch and reality TV. * Calling it an "event" does a grave disservice to what is taking place. It isn't a concert or football game - those are "events".
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