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"The bar doesn't get any lower than the notch Ozero has set for qualifications, or lack thereof. Succinct and accurate.
Get them a one way ticket to DC, with a tag giving directions to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
This is simply acknowledgement that he can't destroy the country with only diehard Democrats and fellow travelers.
Romney, that paragon of Rockefeller Republicans, masquerading as a conservative, and lackluster candidate who didn't really believe he would win and wasn't sure he wanted to? As a matter of fact, yes, that Romney.
It's why they spell if "bare".
Should have dropped the word "the" after "Except". Poor proofreading this AM after changes and no edit capability.
Except the originally Social Security didn't pay out very much because most people didn't live long enough to collect. At a time when the average age of death among men was 60, and women almost 62, payout was set at 65. The biggest factor placing SSA in trouble was advances in medicine without raising the age for payout.
And there is a little known Agency rule which needs to be eliminated. I'll bet most people do not know that if a person wants to opt out of Medicare Part A (the "free" Hospital paying part of Medicare), that person loses any Social Security payment to which they are entitled. So if you have perfectly good health insurance, or have the money to pay for your health care (who knows how long that will be allowed at all) and want to save the government the money that would be spent by Medicare, you lose the money the government owes you for Social Security, Only the US Government would penalize people who want to save the government money by declining a "benefit".
While it could be slow in reporting changes to the law, the website CleanEnergyAuthority.com shows AZ mandates utilities have 15% of their energy produced by "renewables" by 2025, and 30% of that 15% must come from "distributed generation" like homes and businesses (not the large solar farms springing up in the state, sending power to both AZ and CA). The website shows rebates, net metering (balancing outgoing power against incoming power) of up to 125% credit on power bills, tax credits, property and sales tax exemptions are available to homeowners. That isn't exactly "...even though subsidies have gone away...", there are still lots of incentives for people to go solar in AZ (not to mention any Federal tax credits which might be available). Of course some folks do want to split hairs and claim tax credits and exemptions are not subsidies. All that is not to say that what is claimed isn't happening in the political world of AZ, just that this is not necessarily a complete and truthful picture of what is going on.
To point out what should be obvious: The 535 only have the power to set the size of the defending force and pay for the effort to defend. There is a single one who has the power, and Constitutional responsibility, to defend the nation and its borders.
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