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Early Indications: SCOTUS to Punt on Gay Marriage?

EducationSuperStar Wrote: Mar 27, 2013 1:33 PM
Good, you have validated my point then. You have made the same-sex couple argument null and void (or at least the one they are making in court). That there is no harm to others by allowing same-sex couples to marry. You are acknowledging that there is that potential, and that you don't mind that. By the way, how is the government discriminating against same-sex couples?

Kevin and Carol set the table for this week's historic proceedings, wherein the high court will take up the contentious issues of same sex marraige, states' rights, and equality under the law.  Based on initial tea leaves from the first session of oral arguments -- which, conservatives will painfully recall, can be misleading -- the justices may be inclined to avoid ruling on heart of the issue.  Tom Goldstein of the well-respected