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Oh My: Redskins' Quarterback Slams Political Correctness in Viral Tweet

EducationSuperStar Wrote: May 01, 2013 1:46 PM
It really doesn't matter if it is nature or nurture. What matters is the capacity of the person to choose a lifestyle or not. Collins mentioned how he "doesn't have a choice". Utter BS. Does the alcoholic? Does the addict? Very similar urges exist in their flesh to act a certain way, yet for the sake of physical damage and morality some reject their urges. This means that Collins is embracing the homosexual lifestyle, period. It means nothing more. It means he is rejecting the heterosexual lifestyle because it is more difficult for him to maintain or appreciate. Thus, the media and liberals say that we need to honor him for "being who he is". I wish more honor would be given to mothers who willing reject a career to take care of their...

How very "Cornball Brother" of him:



God help me, but this guy may convert me into a 'Skins fan yet.  RGIII's tweet is relevant and interesting for several reasons.  First, his simple and powerful affront against society's PC bullies prompted...a nasty spate of PC bullying.  A tiny sampling, courtesy of Twitchy: