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Gays Don’t Have a Right to Marriage

EducationSuperStar Wrote: Mar 28, 2013 3:42 PM
Hi James. I hear you that you were born gay. I don't take issue with that, but all things in this world are imperfect (including straight folks) due to the fall of man. Jesus came so that we might be saved from our inherent imperfections. To do this we must strive to live as he did, with him in the front. Unfortunately, it sounds as though you embrace your imperfection as a blessing from God. Just as all people must turn and repent of our imperfection, and be perfect as he is, so gay men and women must turn from their desires as God wills us all to do, if our desires are after the world. God bless you.

The mere words same-sex marriage connote it’s not a “marriage” by use of the term, but rather an aberration of a societal norm that a small group are determined to force onto the majority. Only 3% of Americans are gay.

Since the beginning of time, before marriage was formally recognized by state laws, it was defined between a man and a woman not just for kicks, but because people of the opposite sex have coupled off to procreate, as a means of continuing society. It takes a man and woman to biologically create a baby, so naturally society...