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In all fairness to the author, whom I respect, we are mostly (over 80%) bringing in Hispanics, who are largely catholic. No terrorism. I do believe however, that the world needs to wake up to the threat of Islam. For whatever reason people believe in this religion, and there is no question that violence, terror, anti-semitism, cultural abuse, and intolerance all have been tagged with Islam, legitimately. It is sad to be sure, but the United States will allow itself to be destroyed from within if we do not begin to police our borders with the utmost scrutiny.
We the people elected this president, thus, we the people will have to suffer the consequences. I love being in a free society, however, the potential for personality presidents to get elected is possible.
Mind that all of the studies you are quoting here are based off of traditional marriage numbers. If you could make an exclusive case for same-sex marriage that studies also support and operate similar, then you could use these. If anything, you are making a case for why it is better to remain traditional. In addition, remember that a large reason why people "fear" homosexual marriage is because it is expanding (very significantly) a culture. This culture has long been dealt with by previous societies. These societies (usually wealthy) used it and abused it, then banned it, and resurrected it again. There is a reason why the embrace of homosexual relationships is not necessarily status quo and has not remained as such. History has struggled over the very same questions we are, and time and time again they get shuffled back into the deck. Perhaps we should trust the wisdom of our predecessors, and not our "thinking at the moment".
No kidding. Case in point... we create a bubble wrap society where everyone wears helmets, and soft landings on playgrounds... kids now do more dangerous things because they are "safe" with their protective gear. Thus basic common sense evades our psyche such as caution... instead of teaching our children how to live correctly, we don't teach them and just surround them in helmets and bubble wrap.
Good. It will be really easy for him to lose again.
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Undoing the Brainwashing

EducationSuperStar Wrote: May 22, 2013 3:17 PM
I had a couple of fun experiences... The first was when one of my U.S. History professors assigned Howard Zinn's A People's History of the U.S., and he began a discussion of the book following the reading. Most of the students were admiring the "shocking" revelations revealed in the book, whereas I asked simply..."how can we take this book seriously when there is no record of the good that America has done?" The second was when my History of Islam teacher tried to say that Christianity and Islam had similar beginnings with power and violence... uh...really? Christians were bullied and murdered for almost 400 years before they were given legitimacy by the Romans. Where do they find these people?
This is going to be bad... It may take months to uncover the truth, but since the media isn't giving the president a free pass anymore due to the probing of sources, this story won't die as easy as Benghazi circa Sept 2012. It is difficult to believe that the president did not know about any of these scandals... but, if it is true that he was in the fog, then perhaps that's a smoking gun for Kennedy conspirators!
Why is it that when President Obama is on his heels (politically) that a natural disaster happens to derail the momentum? He must be a warlock.
Yeah, and monkeys might fly out of my butt.
After Sunday, this guys job is irrelevant.
Obama's most significant problem has always been that he is incredibly arrogant. He is not humble. Thus, it is impossible for him to be fallible and to make mistakes. It is impossible for his administration to be undermined, thus it had to be some other person or reason for "scandal". Hence, anyone under the sun will be sacrificed, but not Obama. It's funny, but the media who elected him, are getting their phones tapped by their savior, and all of the sudden their eyes have been opened! Ha!
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