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Any republican running for office next year should run a commercial on as many air stations as necessary with a montage of these letters and the personal experiences people have felt from Obamacare... this will keep the pressure on...
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Minimum Wage Madness: Part II

EducationSuperStar Wrote: Sep 17, 2013 1:48 PM
If you are reading this, don't come to California. We are set to raise our minimum wage to $10/hr. That is a 25% increase on the current minimum wage across the board. That means of all of the thousands of fast food restaurants, gas stations, receptionists, wal-mart people, etc... will get more money the instant it is enacted. I can guarantee that this increase will be passed on to us, the consumers. Thus, if you dare come to California I hope you brought euros because the cost of a large starbucks coffee will reach $7-$8 next year... Happy meals will inch close to $8, and forget the $10 hand car wash... it will now be $15! Of course I feel for those who live in New York, as this may seem childish to them as they pay European prices already. But, I love my state, and am fighting for it not to happen. We have a super-majority of dems and a democratic governor. It feels like 1910 all over again...
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Minimum Wage Madness

EducationSuperStar Wrote: Sep 17, 2013 1:33 PM
This is where evil is exposed. The evil intentions of people who want to destroy the poor. The funny thing is that if there was no minimum wage, and people were competing for a low wage job, it might drive the wage higher. In addition, if people secure a job at say, $5.00 an hour and work really hard at it, they will most likely become frustrated and seek a higher paying job. Thus, they will be better off!
The stark reality is that anyone who had a brain and a fraction of knowledge about massive government ideas would have known that this was going to cost way more than initially presented. The fact is, in order to sell something you have to bend the truth... Obama did not say the maximum would be 900 billion, he just said it would cost 900 billion...thus the bend...
All of this is sounding like a mini WWI situation here. You have a internal conflict in a small and rather insignificant country. You then have larger, more significant countries with vested interests in the small country... There is a tragedy (Archduke Ferdinand assassinated=Chemical Weapons use) and now everyone is gearing up for battle. Iran, and the rest of the middle east, and the US/Israel. Let's not forget Russia... Can anyone tell me how we avoid war with Iran, if, after we strike Syria and they follow through on bombing our embassy in Baghdad?
The major point here is that people who are educated, are actually really dumb.
I have a different theory... I believe she said that because it is both. She said it because she believes it, AND because it is a winner politically (at least with her constituents). The only thing I fear is that white people are going to be beleaguered so much with racist accusations, that at some point they will give in and become racist again.
The ACLU's sole purpose in life is to get court precedent. That is why they sue all of the time. They have lawsuits coming out their ears, and they lose most. But, if they can get some idiot judge to agree with them one time, then any case or related case can be used by other judges as precedent. There is no free speech protection regarding a timeline of squatting on public property if there are other means available that do no infringe upon the health and security of other citizens. The occupy movement is the fantasy of revolution from past revolutions of the proletariat. They wished they lived in 1917 in Russia.
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Breadwinner Moms

EducationSuperStar Wrote: May 31, 2013 3:01 PM
Over 70% of African American kids are born to single-mothers. They are also over-represented in prisons, and Special Education classrooms. I would be willing to bet that if this statistic could be lowered to 30% or less, that the African American community would thrive in all areas of life. There would be no reason to have Affirmative Action bills, specialized programs for minorities, or worries that there aren't enough black CEO's. It all comes back to the family. Bill Cosby has been trying to get this very message through to the African American community for a long time now, but unfortunately the NAACP, and other ethnocentric organizations have let this message go by the way side. Martin Luther King Jr. said that we should be judged by the quality of our character, not the color of our skin. Indeed sir, indeed.
In all fairness to the author, whom I respect, we are mostly (over 80%) bringing in Hispanics, who are largely catholic. No terrorism. I do believe however, that the world needs to wake up to the threat of Islam. For whatever reason people believe in this religion, and there is no question that violence, terror, anti-semitism, cultural abuse, and intolerance all have been tagged with Islam, legitimately. It is sad to be sure, but the United States will allow itself to be destroyed from within if we do not begin to police our borders with the utmost scrutiny.
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