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All of a sudden we believe in the skewed analysis of the New York Times because it suits the point we want to make. The truth is that nobody is saying that 2012 could have been won only with the Hispanic vote. Serious analysis has discovered that the extreme right of the isolationist and pacifist kind emblematic of the Paulites was also a great factor. That remains a problem for the Republicans. However, solving that problem alone won't allow the Republicans to win elections either without also solving their Hispanic problem. What is more, in 2012 there were 12 million Hispanic (and Latin influenced) votes. By 2020 it is calculated that this voting block will be 18 million votes. Winning 30%, or 5.4 million and losing 12.6 million votes will not win the election for the Republicans, specially with the disappearing whites. And this number will grow faster than any other demographic. The Republicans need to fix the Hispanic problem or kiss power goodbye.
The Medicare clarification initiative brought by Ryan's inclusion on the ticket is good but it should go in parallel to a much bigger and potentially beneficial issue that the Romney campaign is forgetting - the coming Obama's increase in seniors' dividend tax in 2013 by an extraordinary 189%. This important issue was exposed in an article that should be sent to the Romney campaign called, "Exposing Obama's Tax Ambush On Seniors' Dividends Can Win The Election". It should be read by the campaign with care at http://www.AmericasChronicle.com
Larry Kudlow is a great disappointment in not being able to destroy the incredible wrong assertion by Secretary Geithner that the top 2% only "represented 2 to 3% of all small businesses and 0.02% of all small businesses income". Such a shameful lie should have given Kudlow a chance to destroy it and bring down Geithner's wrong economics. But Kudlow let it passed unchallenged. So please, Kudlow, go and read the very brief, but to the point, piece called "How Fair is the President's Fair-Tax?" at www.America'sChronicle.com . It tells you that out of 4.3 million businesses that pay tax as individuals, they represent 91% of all income above $200K and will affected by the tax increase, and will affect 91% of the small business job creators.
Who is more delusional, Ron Paul or the one who writes seriously about Ron Paul?
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No More "Mr. Obama Is a Nice Guy"

Eduardo2 Wrote: Apr 20, 2012 12:32 PM
And who is the biggest promoter of 'Obama is a nice guy, but ...", and that you don't dare mention him because you are afraid of losing work money?..... Bill O'Reilly. O'Reilly repeats it constantly in different forms, because O'Reilly is pandering to the "dumb independents" which form part of his audience.
This is further support to the thesis as presented in the article "Israel Will Attack Iran - and the American Election", which presents three compelling reasons of why there will be an Israeli attack in the second half of 2012. The source is from: http://www.AmericasChronicle.com
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