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This to was to that was to Jack2894 - where he claimed "I have a lot more awareness of military reality than you do, that much is evident. "
that was to Jack2894 - don't know why it ended down here under a different thread
Reading a lot of SGT Rock comics did not provide you with ANY awareness of military (or any other) reality. Your comments on military subjects here epitomize the message and reality of the old proverb - "It is better to say nothing and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt."
Ask Alice her thoughts on the subject while you are deployed there in Wonderland. What was the Twin Towers and Pentagon if not a military threat? What was the attack on the USS Cole if not a military threat? What was the attack on the Ashland and the USS Kearsarge, with about 2,000 sailors and Marines on board, while docked in Aqaba Jordan 19 August, 2005 if not a military threat? "The Abdullah Azzam Brigades, a group that asserted responsibility for a July attack on the Egyptian Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheik that killed 64 people and attacks on two other Egyptian resorts last October that killed 34 people, posted a statement on the Internet saying its fighters fired the rockets Friday."
Why ask? Surely you can remember back to 9/11. With terrorism, it is not necessarily a country that attacks and requires a military response as it is that an organization such as al-Qaeda (which is GLOBAL) or its affiliates attacks as it has already done and continues to do. Sometimes this is with the cooperation of a host country such as the Taliaban of Afghanistan and sometimes it is through a country supplying or training the terrorists such as was the case with Iraq with Saddam paying death benefits to the heirs of the suicide bombers attacking other countries such as the US, England, Indonesia, Germany and Israel. How do YOU think countries are blockaded (such as was the case with Iran for a while) or men and machines deployed?
Electric Boat reports that, through the details are top secret, they have solved the control and stability problems. Ideas that were being worked on include a throttle-able rocket allowing the weapon to slow enough to revert temporarily to conventional homing, or a rocket tip with an active sonar sensor "window" that projects ahead of the supercavitating bubble into otherwise undisturbed water for a decent sound path to/from target as well as others. Despite the noise supercavitating torpedos c4reate by their very nature, that noise might well be the last thing a distant ship hears. Even with such progress it doesn't mean, as "Cchuba" appears to think it does, that less should be carried.
That is like saying "All you need is a new suit. That missing arm and leg don't make any difference." Makes YOU feel good but proves the point of the old proverb -- "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. " No one here doubts you after your regurgitation of the liberal mantra.
Please tell us how YOU would go about deploying forces to other parts of the world with smaller numbers of ships and planes - the troops still need to be fed and clothed and the machines still need fuel, oil, and parts and replacements so don't forget to factor those in. How many planes and ships are required to fully deploy just two brigades to two different parts of the world? In addition to the transports how many of each will be needed to support and overwatch the transports and ground forces in the field? Before you even THINK that size doesn't matter learn some of the reasons it is of utmost import!
Have you EVER been in the military (or even business)? Quality as you say is very important but quantity is a quality in and of itself. If armed only with a knife would you and your two buddies rather go up against 5 others also armed only with a knife or against one armed with a technologically superior single shot black powder muzzle loading pistol? Superior technology is not always enough of a deterrent. You try to compare Iraq with Vietnam with apparently NO KNOWLEDGE of the terrain differences - there are many places on this earth where men may go but machines just can't get around. China is a Communist State so they are not buying finished products but just raw materials and PRODUCING the finished product. Big cost difference!
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