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Roberts' Ruling Took Guts

Edna_Eagle Wrote: Jun 29, 2012 8:17 AM
If you examine the fact that Governors can essentially opt out of the expansion and the feds can't do much about it. Congress now has a TAX to defeat, (by a simple majority not a 60% super majority) and this is a Presidential election year. Roberts has attempted a return to Federalism. (though it's thru the backdoor approach) I was really upset when I first heard his ruling, but after cooling down and reflecting I still think that he DID give the People a way out of Obamacare... If we the people just stand up against it and vote a conservative majority into the Senate, keep hold of the House and boot Obama to the curb. Bye Bye to this Obamanation of a law.

Why not just cut open a goat and be done with it?

In ancient Rome, a special kind of priest called a haruspex would "read" the entrails of sheep to divine the will of the gods, the health of the growing season, or whatever else was weighing on the minds of men. Because animal guts don't, in fact, impart that much information about, say, next year's wheat harvest, the haruspices (called "auspices" in Latin -- from which we get the English word) could pretty much make it up as they went along. The same went for the auguries (priests who studied...