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Let's see. The stuff claims it was Democrats who got in the way of grabbing the terrorists before 9-11-01 could happen. We have Democrats in office who ran to Vegas and decided to party it up when this last 9-11-2012 attack just occurred. The Democrats are supporting the law breakers known as illegal immigrants. Just wow Obama and that's not the full list to call you a liar. I hope we have enough "Patriots" left in America to vote this guy out of office. We need to save our country this election before the only way to save it, is with another " Boston Tea Party".
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Of Mitts and Muslims

edivineyjr Wrote: Sep 17, 2012 11:30 AM
Ok so don't vote for Romney because he's a Mormon and throw your vote away on a 3rd party candidate, so essentially you help re-elect Obama. Obama the guy who built all this current Muslim unrest to get himself re-elected I will add. Either way you all are saying America is screwed. So why the need for all of these: " Can a Christian vote for a Non-Christian?" articles if no matter who we vote for America is gonna get flushed down the toilet.
Yup what makes a Mormon a Mormon means a Mormon is not a Christian. Christians and Christ himself for that matter will not have those beliefs. To be a Christian means you mock other people who worship Christ differently than you worship him. It also means you go out and kill them and force them out of America if they claim to be Christian and you do not approve of it. Which is exactly what happened back in the past to Mormons. To be a real Christian you also have to call Joseph Smith a Con man and waste money and brain cells on videos and other things to claim the Mormon faith is not Christian. Christians keep needing to get on their soap boxes and claim they are Christian because they are insecure about it and fake.
The answer is yes because they are fake Christians and don't care about America.
And Christ himself declared members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to be without a doubt Christians. If I am so mistaken on this. Then feel free to educate me on why you Christians were not able to exterminate Mormons when you started to back then. You forced us Mormons out of America but look what that got you. We became American citizens again. Also doesn't it state somewhere in Christianity to not worship symbols ? All that archeological evidence to back the bible can be seen as symbols to be worshiped that GOD exists. Mormons worship GOD without all that , like GOD says to do. Go look it all up and feel free to blast me if I'm wrong.
Good question. I want to know the answer to that and to why us Mormons were killed and forced out of America back in the day. Just to have us become American citizens again. Did Christ give his permission to kill all those Mormons for being Mormon back then? Is that how you show you are a real Christian by coming up with this type of stuff? I don't go to church anymore but I'm pretty sure Christ would be voting for the best man for the job ,and not caring about what "petty little religion" the guy practiced.
You mean half black/half white man.
Sorry buddy but you forgot something. America has become a 2party only country. If you don't vote Democrat or Republican you are essentially throwing your vote away. We Americans let that happen and my advice is vote for Romney and then when he is in, you have a chance to get America back to having more than just the 2 party system that we have now. Or throw your vote away and hope Obama loses. Take your pick. You are I assume an adult so make your own choice.
Not voting for Romney because he's a Mormon huh? Ok NAZI throw your vote away for Obama and make sure you slap yourself on the back for doing a great job,of helping him take all of our GOD given freedoms away from us while he's in office.
The answer is yes because you all voted for Obama last election. Mormons are Christians and so this article is not about voting for Romney. Also Christians don't care about a person's religion but care if he is the best man for the job. That's how Christ no doubt would be if he was here and to call yourself a Christian means you strive to be like Christ in how you conduct yourself while here in the mortal life. I must be mistaken though since so called Christians are all out doing a ton of un christian like stuff. Like having to ask this question for example and mocking Mormons for another. The list is a long one of all of us doing Non-Christian like stuff. So stop going there with this BS.
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