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Obama's Failure to Meet the Central Challenges of his Presidency

EdinNola Wrote: Nov 04, 2012 5:37 PM
And make sure, as Obama did with Amb. Stevens, that there is no security at his compound. Oh wait, that wouldn't work. The Muslim Brotherhood was behind that murderous treachery, with Obama's support. And anyway, Obama should be incarcerated by that time, perhaps in Gitmo? This idiot scrappediron should indeed be put in the scrap heap somewhere. He is one foul mouthed dude, who has very little knowledge of reality.

The American people judge their Presidents by whether they succeed in meeting the central challenges of their Presidency. Americans recognize of course that human nature being what it is, and the world being what it is, that every Chief Executive’s time in office will be marked by both successes and failures, but an unwillingness or inability to take on the most pressing issues of the day is the clearest writing on the wall that there needs to be a change at the helm. This is the case with Barack Obama.

Our nation’s history is replete with examples of Presidents who met...