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Social Security was the prototype for many big govt. programs that have followed, and the whole thing is Communist inspired one way or the other. FDR may not have been a Communist, but many in his confidence, including his wife were. Social Security was sold as a compulsory insurance by a Progressive Congress and Administration, to be administered outside of the general fund. Afterward it was perverted into being simply a tax for the government to play with. SS was sold as one thing and quickly became something quite different, leaving many to retain the belief that it would be treated as an insurance policy. It was a lie in the same fashion as ObamaCare and gun control. The bills are sold as good things but in truth are evil.
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God Bless You, Sen. Feinstein

EdinNola Wrote: Apr 10, 2013 9:38 AM
That's cute. Since Feinstein helped make your doctors slaves to a government controlled healthcare system, the end result is that you must get her (the government's) permission to take care of your allergies. She is now engaged in taking away your rights to self defense, by way of destroying the Constitution. Ms. Feinstein is guilty of treason and should be treated as such.
Krugman is just another of a long list of self styled elitist Communists in government and the press who justify their foolish economic beliefs through Keynes, perhaps the most foolish proponent of total government control to have ever existed.
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Ho-ho-ho ho ho!

EdinNola Wrote: Mar 12, 2013 10:23 AM
Who shot J.R.? We may not know for a while, if ever, who shot J.R. Ewing this time, but it's a pretty good bet he was shot with one of Obama's guns. Obama just doesn't like oilmen.
This truly is an example of why patriots threw tea into the Boston Harbor. It's called taxation without representation. We still pay the bulk of all the funding for the UN and its visible and hidden operations - here the IMF. The UN is essentially run (today) by anti-American forces - in reality Communist forces and to our detriment. Since we don't even have a representative voice in the UN, let's just get out of it and stop funding our own demise.
How long do you folks need to stare at a duck to know that its a duck? How many times must you be deafened by the quacking to recognize that its a duck? How many times must it bite you in the butt before you admit that its a duck? Obama is a life long trained Communist and an Alinsky schooled "community organizer", which is indeed the same thing. All the man knows is destruction of all existing "establishment". He is incapable of creating anything but chaos - he cannot build anything but dissent. He's not even qualified to hold the office of President yet you are allowing him to carry out his plans of destruction. Obama is a duck!
What we should be looking for is the definition of Communism. The only US government official definition (from the HUAC years ago) still applies and it is as follows: A system by which one small group seeks to rule the world. While we are feverishly taught (by Communists) that Communism has died, it is in the process of absorbing this country into it's "One World" government, as we sit around and watch. In fact it is an ideology that enables and supports a dictatorship. We are in trouble.
Even in complaining about his threatening them, these people are defending Obama! Is there any honesty at all in the press? Is there any common sense?
It is very apparent that the Republican Party will do what ever it wants regardless what the American public says or does. It has totally lost it's way. The author above falls right into the trap of telling us that the Soviet Union is dead and Putin is nothing more than an irritation. The implication of course is that Communism - the motivating ideology of Russia (Communism that we know springs from the Russian Revolution of 1918 / 19, not the USSR). Russia is thriving and Communism is thriving there and right here. They call themselves everything from "liberals to progressives", but they are still Communists and they still intend to rule the world. In this regard, the USA represents a small stumbling block. It will bury us if allowed
My grocery bill each week is roughly twice what it was four years ago, probably due not only to increases in foodstuffs but also the transportation used to get it to my store. That doesn't count the more than double the cost of fuel for me to drive to the market. Yet Ben says we have no inflation? He also pointed out today quite proudly that the stockmarket (Dow?) was up double what it was four years ago! He is out of his tiny mind. The market has just (almost) reached the level in dollars that it was before Obama was seen to be elected however the value of those dollars is roughly half what they were 4.5 years ago. That's a massive net loss in the market.
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