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Worse and Worse: Carter Redux

eddie again Wrote: Sep 12, 2012 10:26 AM
a proper response to these islamic attacks on american embassies, diplomatic personnel and consulates would be to immediately suspend all transfers of federal monies to these countries until the perpetrators are caught and turned over to usa authorities. that is what a courageous and righteous potusa would do.

Not only was America's ambassador to Libya murdered, OUR AMBASSADOR'S DEAD BODY WAS CARRIED THROUGH THE STREETS.  Here is the link to the twitter picture:

Every day of the Obama administration is becoming increasingly like the worst days of the Carter years -- our enemies abroad routinely subjecting Americans to disgusting, humiliating treatment with little more than a whimper of protest from the US President.

It's pathetic . . . I suspect that American conservatives await the President's response with more trepidation than our enemies do.  Would any of these animals have dared behave this way with George W. Bush...