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Super Bowl or Gay Equality Bowl

eddie again Wrote: Feb 01, 2013 9:00 PM
tinsldr, i admire your understanding the need for consistency. still, you do acknowledge that the government can and should discriminate in handling out marriage licenses, if only on the basis of age in the fact that children at some age are too young to be married. it seems to me that you have stilled allowed the camel of government discrimination in handing out marriage licenses to get his nose under the tent. that means the extent of government discrimination is a legitimate point of discussion. i am copying this and moving it to the top so i do not have to keep searching for it.

Is it too much to ask that the focus of this Sunday be on football and not on “gay rights”? Will I be branded as a homophobic bigot for daring to make such a request? (I can answer that already: Yes!)

Last week, Fox News ran the headline, “Baltimore Raven linebacker [Brendon Ayanbadejo] uses Super Bowl spotlight to promote gay marriage,” reporting that, “Hours after Ayanbadejo’s team beat the New England Patriots on Sunday, paving their way to football’s biggest game, the three-time Pro Bowl special teams player wrote an email to gay marriage proponents asking how he could use...