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School Choice, A Message that Resonates

eddie again Wrote: Feb 04, 2013 1:46 PM
but, the government run schools' monpoly on taxpayers' monies still results in diminishing the benefits of applyling america's entrepreneurial spirit to the education industry!!!! there is a spirit of freedom stirring that bears signs of promise in america's education system, but that spirit is still far from being completely unleashed, completely freed from the fedders of selfishness that is so prevalent in our system of government run schools. our objective in this battle for education freedom should focus on enhancing parents' right to be the primary decider in how their children are to be educated. if this incrementalism in creating choice does not end with government, it holds much promise.

Don’t forget the old admonition that things are never as bad as they seem after a defeat, as troubling times often beget great innovation. Those on the Left would be wise to also remember that things are never as good as they seem. A case on point is the issue of school choice.

On the issue of school choice free market messaging has been exceedingly potent. The winning message is first, every child deserves the very best education possible, meaning we should allow a child's family choice when it comes to which school they will attend regardless of economic standing, ethnicity,...