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Droning On

eddie again Wrote: Feb 08, 2013 11:35 AM
the most disturbing part of obama's policy on this matter, drone attacks against americans, in my eyes is the idea that they may occur and the justification for them need not be made public. obama's policy eliminates all accountability.

To catch you up on my travels, I have been (and still am) in Morocco on a teaching/training mission with Legacy International.

We spent Wednesday in Casablanca including a must-do lunch at Rick's Cafe (see the Mullfoto of me at the piano) then onto Oudja for the rest of the week.

Oujda is pronounced "OOZH-duh." It is located about 8 miles from the Algerian border on the eastern edge of Morocco.

Mullings Director of Standards & Practices Alert: We did not, in spite of my begging and pleading, go any closer than about two kilometers to the border and I...