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Privat accounts are a good idea. SS is not a Ponzi scheme. No one is getting rich from SS. SS as originally concieved was just that , SS for seniors who for the most part paid into the system all their working lives. I paid in to support the needs of the previous generation, my kids will support my generation. There is nothing devious or crooked about that. Remember, there was always a surplus until our corrupt Congress raided the fund to pay for votes by adding support for disabled, SSA, etc. These programs should be covered by the Dept of Health and Human Services, but then Congress would have to raise the debt to pay for the programs, instead of stealing the money from SS, which goes virtually unnoticed.
The Senate's number one cornholer just got married to his boyfriend. I was going to send a fruitcake as a wedding gift but just couldn't afford one big enough.
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Duped by Congressional Lies

Edd Wrote: Jun 15, 2012 10:24 PM
Social Security as originally envisioned is not a Ponzi scheme. People who are disabled, have little or no money and the other peripheral programs belong in Health and Human Services not in SS. I did not resent paying into the system all my working life to provide some support to the previous generation. SS would work fine and never go broke except politicians are very adept at spending money that isn't theirs. By dumping all manner of welfare programs into SS for people who never paid in one cent is larceny. Of course by so doing, they can't be accused of deficit spending. That's not clever, that's stealing. My congressman (Paul Ryan), when asked ab out these issues never answers. He knows I'm right and the Congress is wrong.
Frank 158. A corporations operating expenses are tax deductable. They pay their income taxes after they have deducted all of their expenses. Taxes are not considered operating expenses by the IRS.
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