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the law was written with the intent that the very generous subsidy's would be used in state based exchanges, not the federal ones. so states that say no are basically shielding their citizens of obamacare and all the mandates, taxes and job killing this law does. oklahoma is suing the feds bc the irs came out with a ruling saying"no, subsidy's can be used in both", but thats not the case.so if we have a fed based exchange, it will be hollow. then, in an ironic twist, states that say no, will attract jobs and businesses from states that do set up an exchange and have obamacare hanging over their heads. how bout that? a state will attract jobs if it says no to the exchange.
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The IRS Has Gone Rogue

edbutmyfriendscallmeed Wrote: Nov 12, 2012 9:27 AM
this may be a big deal, i live in missouri, we have a democrat gov, and we just voted on a bill that restricts him from establishing a state based exchange, very shrewd and good timing since hes been wishy washy on all this, now his hands are tied. so oklahoma has sued the fed govt regarding this very issue and may win, if they do, all the states that say no to creating their own exchange, might be exempt from this terrible law...very interesting...
also, if a state says no and the feds set up an exchange, there can be no mandate, since there are no subsidys, groups and individuals would be exempt from the penalty since they get no assistance. in other words, someone made a grave mistake with this language in the law and it could be the downfall of it. no states can pay for this awful law anyway, all the better.
he's right though, a lawsuit filed by the ag of oklahoma says the subsidys are only for state based exchanges, not the federal ones, its explicit in the law, it mentions nothing about fed based exchanges(the argument for that is the framers of this law, max baucus, wanted to force the states to set their exchanges up by enticing them to do so with federal money, at the same time punish those states that said no by not providing subsidys in fed exchanges).so then the irs pulls out a reg that says oh no, subsidies are for both state and fed exchanges. theres where the lawsuit comes in, irs just cant change the language or intent of the law, it has to go thru the congress to change by an amendment, but repubs wont budge on that.
this a$ $clown is the gift that keeps on giving...keep rolling him out...let him run for president, pope, sheriff, lunch monitor, who cares...the more hes out there the more he just enforces the fact the dems are a bunch of ignorant idiots(not that they need much help) Romney wins in a landslide...its coming folks....enjoy
Romney wins in a landslide and Akin wins easily as well, i live in St.louis, shes awful and lots of folks dont like her...
This guy is Forrest Gump at 70..."i am like a box of chocolate...you neva know what you gonna get..."
awesome...let this a$$ clown run for whatever office he wants, president, pope, who cares...the longer he's around the more the dems look like idiots...they dont necessarily need him to pull that off but its good for the rest of us...
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at least we wont have to hear about hiring more teachers and train folks, telling people that actually make money that they made enough and need to pay their fair share....same talking points over and over...he sounds like the teacher on charlie brown...thats all ive heard since he started this rhetoric years ago..."wawawawawawasawwaaawaaaa"...just an awful president...awful
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