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Couple of tax related Obamacare subsidy things that have occurred to me: 1) If you guess too low on your income you;ll have a larger tax bill to make up for it- will you be subject to fines & penalties for not having paid those taxes during the year? 2) If you sign up for subsidies and as this article mentions discover at the end of the year that your income is too low for subsidies (should have gone medicaid), will the IRS demand you pay them all back?
This is one of the most outrageous violations of the principles of a free society that I've ever seen and yet the reaction has been distracted and muted, You can lose your job because your employer doesnt agree with your political or religious views? What has happened to us? EVERYONE should be outraged- regardless of your view of gay marriage, Sadly I think this is only the beginning
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Francis: No, I am Not a Communist

edavies Wrote: Apr 05, 2014 12:03 PM
My thoughts exactly. He said that completely wrong. My suspicion is that Pope Francis doesn't always choose words that express what he really means, For example when he was criticizing "unfettered capitalism" I think more what he meant was "unfettered greed"
"The mix of young and old people in Obamacare is completely irrelevant. It won't help if a lot of young people sign up because their premiums are negligible." Ann is the FIRST person I've seen say this critical and obvious thing. The entire rest of the media, conservative and liberal are getting it wrong. She forgot to add that the young also are going to be more taxpayer subsidized.
Simple but insane solution: Get a divorce. Then the husband's income doesn't count and Lynn gets subsidies!
First article I've seen on this very fundamental topic. However it goes one step further- many of the supposedly critical young will, even if not on Medicaid will be receiving massive government subsidies in the exchange, Nobody gets it- its not the young that are critical to prevent the death spiral- its the subsidies paid directly to the insurance companies. And where is THAT money coming from?
You summed up the Democrat argument FLAWLESSLY!
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