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Might want to fix your headline, Katie.
While it was nice of you to put "leaders" in quotation marks, calling these people civil rights "leaders" is still giving them way, way, WAY too much credit. A more appropriate headline would have been: "Predictable: Career Racemongers Pull Race Card to Defend Eric Holder"
Hey, Michelle. Say, tell us, how long did you hold that public sector job with a pay cut?? How long was it before you went back to the private sector and started making lots of money again?? Why wasn't that in your speech?? Just curious.
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BET Columnist: WHITE VOTERS Vote On Color

Ed1670 Wrote: Jun 19, 2012 1:46 PM
Surprised those dimwits can hear themselves speak in that echo chamber in which they're sitting.
It's probably about time Greg Hengler started getting "comfortable" with Romney too. Just sayin'.
For my money, there are not nearly enough dog jokes in the comments area here.
I did watch this speech, but if I hadn't, here's the best way for me to know that Mitt Romney hit a home run: Everyone on MSNBC hated it and said it was a horrible speech that won't move the bar an inch. If anything, it set him back. Translation: "$#!T!!! That was awesome!! Circle the wagons and attack, attack, attack!!"
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