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Tilting the Newtown 'Conversation'

Ed1016 Wrote: Dec 21, 2012 9:03 PM
A VERY good "answer" to the problem as is deputizing of a few teachers and personnel in each school. They would be inconspicuous (not uniformed) so would be unknown to the "nut". This is also a very good article, worth the read.
Magna Wrote: Dec 22, 2012 7:53 AM
Liberal School Teachers do not believe in Firearms and there for our Children and those we Love are in Danger because of the Ideology of these Teachers? What does that say about a system of government that does not look at the real problems and all of the available solutions on hand ? We could for instance have at least one school officer -not some flunky who is sitting around in the office having coffee all of the time -this person needs to be on HIGH alert at all times -ever diligent to their duties and nothing else -no cell phone talking -just a direct line to the main office and head person in charge -no messing around -focus-focus -focus! Children's lives are on the line!
It's too hard to try and make sense of a senseless event. Adam Lanza's merciless slaughter in Connecticut has forced everyone with a microphone to insist we have a "national conversation" about why this happens.

But this urgent need to talk is not an excuse for a reckless discussion. Sadly, that is where we're headed, with pundits hysterical, naive or both.

Predictably most in the media went straight to the Left's Alpha and Omega: blaming excessive "access" to guns. It was also an excuse to open fire on the National Rifle Association. For example, author Joyce Carol Oates...