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Amusingly, your posts illustrate how bad the U.S. school system is. Both your spelling and grammar are abysmal.
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Hollywood Hates Nuns

econoline Wrote: Sep 07, 2012 2:04 PM
Funny Wimitch... in all the online videos, it just showed a bunch of regular people calmly walking in shorts and t-shirts. Are you sure the studded leather jock-strap wasn't just on your boyfriend as he was giving you a lap dance?
Well, Lee, there's your answer. Carol and her ilk, stomping the floor, pounding their fists and screaming 'No compromise!!' All the while being distracted by inconsequential issues so businesses, including the corporate owners of this site, can move forward with taking as much money and control from them as they can. I'll never understand it.
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Canada's 'Scientific' Museum of Smut

econoline Wrote: May 25, 2012 5:30 PM
Who gets to decide who is or is not a Christian? It's certainly Paster Worley's belief that he is... and the 1200 members of his church agree with him. Bassethound asked for one example and Robert provided it. That you can dismiss it without even bothering to check it out says much about some poster's destain for facts that get in the way of their narrow ideolgical bent.
Exactly. He used the show to promote equality and acceptance... no different than what Glee, or GCB, or any of the other shows that Bozell rants about try to get people to think about. Point is there were people like Bozell complaining about those 'liberal' values back in the 60's and they're still at it 40 years later.
I can totally understand it. As an athiest, I for one don't find crosses or Christmas displays bothersome in the least, and you have every right to them. But I do find that protesting against the rights of gay people to to get married and raise families is offensive.
Sure, the original Star Trek was good... until they tried to ram racial diversity down everyone's throat by having Kirk and Uhura kiss.
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