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The Most Damning Part of Cutter's Remarks

econnelly Wrote: Oct 12, 2012 4:13 PM
Stephanie Cutter is a brainless air head as is hazie. His posting name says it all. Kopfshuss, are you part of the "Brown Shirts"? You make der fuhrer Obozo so proud.

Kudos to Katie for pursuing Stephanie Cutter and seeking a comment about whether she intends to resign in the wake of her comments today.

What's most revealing about the whole sorry spectacle of Cutter trying to blame political opponents for the first assassination of an American ambassador in more than 30 years isn't the inadequate security provided to the ambassador, despite his pleas. It isn't the patent falsehoods the administration trotted out to try to obfuscate and mislead. It isn't the grotesque sight of Secretary of State Clinton repeating those falsehoods next to the AMerican ambassador's dead body.  It isn't the...