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Well Mr. Loomis, I would like to see you in prison also. You are a bonafied libtard, without an ounce of brainpower. Go sip your Obozo kool-aid and while you're at it....suck something else. You know you want to.
She worked for Bill Daley (Mayor in Thief, Chicago) she is a marxist thug just like her husband.
Stephanie Cutter is a brainless air head as is hazie. His posting name says it all. Kopfshuss, are you part of the "Brown Shirts"? You make der fuhrer Obozo so proud.
Letterman is a lying POS, and a sexual pervert to boot. How anyone can be married to him is beyond my comprehension, had a child out of wedlock and didn't marry the mother until after the boy was approximately one year old. If I was his mother, I would have beat him senseless. His mother must be so proud of him NOT!
VJ stands for Victory over Japan. You moron! You're not talking to a dummy crat here. Denis3957 libtard and offensive beyond reproach.
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Election Could Mirror 1980 Race

econnelly Wrote: Sep 27, 2012 9:07 AM
Ghostwriter: Stick it where the sun doesn't shine and flowers don't grow. Your candidate Odumba is the worst president ever! And you are a buffoon.
He said he introduced the jobs bill, however it is being blocked by none other than his democratic fiend in office, Harry Reid and Nanny Piglosi. So, the democrats want all of us to broke, and on the government dole. They Want a Socialistic States of America. ANYBODY BUT OBAMA 2012
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