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Four Arguments Against Romney Releasing More Tax Returns...and Why He Should Anyway

Econ2 Wrote: Jul 17, 2012 6:14 PM
PLEASE educate yourself a bit about the world of finance. Romney's name is on the SEC documents because he still owned all the stock of the company even though he had no active role in the firm. The financial transaction whereby he sold Bain to the directors took about 2 years. Look, government agencies including the SEC looked at this at the time of the problems then and no problems now. Even two OBama fundraisers, Bain directors during the 1999-2003 time period have publicly stated that Romney had NO involvement with the company. The Obama campaign is LYING.

There's been a lot of braying on the Left about Mitt Romney's tax returns lately.  Most of it is transparently political.  Some of it is mystifyingly hypocritical.  But is it necessarily wrong?  Romney has done everything the law requires of him, and then some.  He's made public one full year of returns (2010) and released a comprehensive estimate of another (2011).  As many Democrats would hasten to point out, however, Mitt is disregarding the example set by his father, George Romney, during his truncated 1968 presidential run.  The elder Romney handed over twelve full years...