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Missouri Takes Lead Reducing Gun and Domestic Violence

ebruemer Wrote: Feb 11, 2013 6:02 PM
What about police violence against the elderly????
MAVERICK ONE Wrote: Feb 13, 2013 2:55 AM
Some not all cops are esses. Rookie cops and hiway petrol rookies tend to pick on some old folks...NO cojonies**make a rep for themselves..Some folks young and old do not know anything about the law and what their rights are. Drive in South Carolina & Georgia with an out of state tag and you WILL get pulled over....."The fine is uh wa $300.00 as we speak or COURT is tomorrow afternoon at 3 PM...We will put you up in the hotel till then" Hotel is the county Jail..".We are uh wa havin Fatback, Pintos & Krron bread. Any SC or Georgia troopers out there care to respond????? Been there---I know. Also " What er wa on earth ere you doin with that there gun ole man...(or boy) I'll hafa take that wi me") Never to see the gun again !!

Missouri House Bill 402 is a major step forward reducing gun violence, domestic violence, and other forms of serious violence. For decades, federal and state policy attempting to impact these growing problems failed because the policies were pointed in the wrong direction.

Substance abuse in the family is the leading factor and primary driver of many kinds of gun-related crimes, domestic violence, and other offenses.

Substance abuse is tightly bound to domestic violence. Three-quarters of serious domestic violence is associated with substance abuse at the time of violence (Fig 3). This statistic does not include substance abusers who...