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There Will Never Be Another Mayo Clinic

Ebola100 Wrote: May 25, 2012 1:14 PM
Keep up the good fight Hal. You are always spot on in expressing the practicing physician's concerns for HCR and how it affects their patients.
By Hal Scherz and Richard Armstrong
In 1883, a tornado struck Rochester, Minnesota, leaving 37 dead and 200 injured.  William Worrell Mayo, already a prominent surgeon in the community, volunteered to oversee medical relief efforts along with son Will, a new medical school graduate, working with Mother Alfred Moes and her Sisters of Saint Francis to care for these unfortunates. In 1888, Mother Moes approached W.W. about opening a hospital, on the condition that he would run the medical practice, to which he agreed and the Mayo Clinic was created. Younger son, Charles was brought into the group to...