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The Democratic Party, better known as the Socialist/Progressive Party, operates under the tactics of all anti-Western, anti-liberty, pro-dictatorial revolutionary groups. Lies and propaganda are at the top of the playbook. Smearing and slandering your opposition and projecting your failures and faults onto the opposition come next. Any and all factual, logical, or common sense arguments are responded with charges of racism, imperialism, homophobia, and discrimination. Since they have no plan except to destroy capitalism and take away our Constitutional rights, their only battle tools are tools of deception. They will do anything legal, illegal, dirty, and imaginable to win. The ends always justify any means.
First Biden was taken into the chamber of horrors where Axelrod threatened him with extermination if he didn't do exactly as he was told. Then he was injected with crack so his Joker personna gave the Obama camp the entertainment they constantly crave since they have empty heads and evil hearts. After all, the election of Obama was no different than a fake reality show. A fake human, given scripts to follow, with a manufactured past and puppet strings attached to the shoulders.
Progressiveists are well on their way to killing over 100 million worldwide through their support for the extermination of the unborn. Evil knows no bounds.
Considering the fact that Nazism, Communism, Socialism, Fascism, and Progressiveism are all blood brothers in that they all subscribe to, support and defend the godless evil of championing human sacrifice and enslavement to dictatorial rule of one kind or another on their quest for an impossible utopia on earth, and all justify any means towards this end, is it surprising that a defender of human dignity and liberty would be given a small mention upon his death while a truly evil supporter of gross evil would be lauded and glorified by a godless, thankless, demon-possessed country of evil-doers which is now the UK?
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Gold and Fear

ebiggerstaff Wrote: Oct 13, 2012 9:02 PM
History proves the barbaric and tribal nature of the Islamic nations cannot be overcome with appeasements and money. The Catholic Crusades saved civilization from them only by fighting them. There will not be peace in the Middle East until Christ returns so until that day, the only chance of survival for the civilized people of the world is to fight them with everything we've got. And if there are any survivors, we cannot ever support them again unless they prove they have become civilized and renounce their false and evil religion of Islam.
Biden simply expresses his heretical Modernistic philosophy which is the very expression of the new church formed during the Vatican II Council. Biden's church claims one can support and promote sins and vice as long as you claim you personally object to them. This church also states there is no moral difference between abortion and feeding the poor. It's religion is a political one called "social justice" and does not comport to the Catholic Church's doctrines or purpose which is to proclaim the truth of the Gospel to all men in all ages and lead them into Christ's Church for their eternal salvation depends upon doing so.
First, I disagree with you that the Church wants this issue to be active during the election so they can get Catholics out to vote against the Democrats. Most Catholics support the culture of death Democratic Party. Most Catholics contracept, abort, cohabitat, divorce, and big government. I doubt most of them care whether or they pay through their insurance plans for others to do what they approve of. And most of the U.S. bishops are right along with the ideology and philosophy of the Democratic Party. Only a few such as Chaput speak out about the moral teachings of the Church. Secondly, no one should have to bow down and beg a federal government employee for permission to practice their Constitutional rights.
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