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The Hip-Hop President: All Swag, No Cattle

ebagg Wrote: Sep 17, 2012 7:58 AM
I love this group. It has a real close , almost clannish feel to it. Though I do think the writer was a little lazy. I suggest Town Hall should dock that chick a day's pay for nappin on the job.

Wazzup, President Obama? You've got room on your schedule to schmooze hip-hop radio DJs, debate Nicki Minaj's rap lyrics, hobnob with big donor celebs Jay-Z and Beyonce, and hang with Hollywood gossip TV anchors. _
We see your passion on the golf course, basketball court and beach. We see you late night on Letterman and Leno. We see your boundless energy on the campaign trail. We see your Twitter donation solicitations from dusk till dawn.
But when it comes time to play leader of the free world in times of international crisis, it's "see ya, wouldn't wanna be...

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