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Canada abolished it's long gun registry a couple years ago. It was a 2 billion dollar fiasco wrought by the same company doing the obama care website. Canada has the same population as California. I expect Jerry Brown is lying about the 400,000...
If they tried to put up a sign during Ramadan saying nobody needs Mohammed to celebrate Ramadan, they would be shut down immediately and vilified as xenophobes. Plus they would have fatwa's on their heads. Obama and Holder would have them arrested and blamed for whatever the latest violence was that came out of the Middle East that day.
Perfect analogy
The majority of Americans celebrate thanksgiving. This is an attempt by marketers to give a big middle finger to the majority culture and give the best deals to all who are not fully acculturated to the mainstream.
It would be a Pyrrhic victory at best. This would enable more people with questionable loyalties to run. Obama would be just the first in a line of enemy-presidents.
Indeed. It's happened before, and Obama is making it happen again. The amount of low level closet nazi's working for the fed's is astonishing. Obama just has to give them a reason through propaganda and workplace 'value' conditioning and these nazi's will step up to what he wants them to do in later phases of his plan to conquer Americans from within. Hitler did it masterfully in what was otherwise a civilized nation. All Obama needs to do is to keep destroying the economy and create more crises.
It's beyond civil measures and high time for drastic measures. They should just use profiling to round up all of these scum and ship them to the FEMA concentration camps.
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