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Take away citizenship if they were born elsewhere, send them back to country of origin and finally invalidate their passport. If they are US born, and side with jihads' on US soil, try, convict & imprison them. If they leave American soil with a US passport - invalidate their passport so they cannot ever return.
Lets hope she loses big time! She would sell her soul (does she have one?) to win this election. Female version of Obama.
Wendy Davis uses people and quite nastily so. She will lose to Greg Abbott.
I love it when the commies get trapped in their own web of deceit!. I agree with "anonymous10633 - Holders office should be put on hold for a minimum of 20 years. Actually, Holder would look pretty good in bright orange and flip-flops. This whole regime is corrupt and it extends to all the alphabet agencies as well. Hang them all!
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Obama’s Son Looks Like Ferguson

eastedie Wrote: Aug 15, 2014 6:07 AM
Ferguson, Mo. is just the beginning, I'm afraid. Obama has enslaved his own with entitlements for the vote.
The Republicans need to look no further except for their own track record. They are so out of touch with their home base constituents and have no idea what the grass roots are saying. This is exactly what happened to Cantor and will happen to many of them during mid-terms. I have stopped donating to the RNC and cut up my membership card. I am now a proud Independent. Will vote issues only. Term limits should be instituted. So many of the old guard Republicans think re-election is owed to them. Watch the shake up in November. Cantor spent more time working to secure Speaker of the House position and left those how voted for him in VA out in the cold. Washington DC changes people - greedy people. If Republicans were smart they would spend their summers in town hall meetings with those who placed them in DC. They need to get out of their ivory towers and back to grass roots - period.
We should solve our problem with this perpetrator in the WH the same way as Ukraine has done.
We should solve our problem with this perpetrator in the WH the same way as Ukraine has done.
Let's do the same here to this POS for crimes he has and continues to commit.
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