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Has Obama read the bill yet?
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Black and White Standards

Earline Wrote: Oct 31, 2012 7:50 AM
It saddens my heart as a Black American that other Black people refused or are ignorant of the poor economic consequences this president has brought and will continue to bring on this country. They will not take the blinders off their eyes due to the fact that he is Black. What is so ironic Black people are probably the most effected by his poor job performance. I heard a Black man say recently, "He just wants to have "brother" in the House". With the 15% unemployment in the Black community how can he be considered for a second term. If this were a White president, Sharpton, Jackson and all of their friends would be marching in the streets.
Are you one of the Obama lap dogs? If so, then I can understand your comment. There have been documented stories recently of all the food that is being tossed by school kids because they don't want the new mandated food. Along with that waste goes our tax dollars. You really need to educate yourself. It does not matter the party affiliation. It is a matter of common sense.
In many schools gym is not in the budget(s). That is what needs to be mandatory, physical education. That will offset some of the calories that kids are taking in. Their metabolism are high when they are young so it would not take too much physical activity of them to maintain a decent weight. At the same time educate them, don't legislate. It likes Big Brother watching what you eat. Good health is one of my passion and has been most of my life but you can't force people.
I am Black and I don't want them back in offce either but your comments are what Black people are looking at and want him to stay.
Amen Cindy. And now half of this country wants to give them another 4 years? Unbelievable.
There has to be a balance of all foods. Kids need to eperiment with different foods to learn what their likes are. When you narrow foods down as MB policy is doing kids can become defiant in their own way. Since when did she become an expert on what other people's kids should eat? Most adults don't like hummus. I am a health nut myself and have been all of my life but I respect my friends who don't care for the same foods that I like. I encourage them at times to eat healthier but that is their choice.
I bet her kids are getting enough to eat.
Kids are growing and they eat more during that process. You cannot mandate a diet for kids when they are all different. I wonder what her kids are eating. They are probably black marketing also. My teenage son eats constantly whether it is good food or no so good food. He just wants to eat. Another failed policy and wasted money by the spouse of the POTUS. Please send these people packing. They have no business trying to run this country.
A report last week stated that 40% of Chicago teachers send their own children to private schools. What does that tell you? I was a product of the Chicago school system. Back then discipline was priority we learned but not enough to prepare us for college. When my children came along we left, literally we moved to a another state with a much better school system where teacher's taught well and prepared our kids for higher education.
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