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Have You Heard About Hillary?

Earle8 Wrote: Sep 18, 2014 9:04 AM
As Derek said, almost half of the voters are already in her pocket, a frightening thought. The GOP better get it right this time.
The only way to turn the tide is the voting booth. The long road is .... Take the Senate, then begin the purge of the RINOs. Nothing good is easy.
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Can Obama Win the Fight Against ISIS?

Earle8 Wrote: Sep 05, 2014 8:43 AM
The answer to the lead question is YES, if he had the gonads
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America: The Ostrich Years

Earle8 Wrote: Aug 24, 2014 9:38 AM
With attitudes like yours it will be over amber. This country wasn't won with that attitude.
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Sticks, Stones, And Thought Crimes

Earle8 Wrote: Jul 27, 2014 8:35 AM
'Political correctness' and 'progressive', two utterly despicable words. Sam has made himself a target on the football field. Every opponent who gets a shot at him will take it .... big time.
I too am hopeful Wayne. I am really tired of the liberal leadership here.
" cutting the government and giving the cash back to the people" I agree completely Dyadd, however "to advocate cutting" won't hack it. We have to elect folks with that belief, and are willing to fight for it.
Give us your solution Dyadd
Are you calling me a .. determined defende of the GOP..." Dyadd?? Nothing could be farther from the truth. I want to get rid of liberal leadership by whatever means it takes.
The GOP was handed the House in 2012 by a relatively new group called the Tea Party. Republican skill didn't do it, and probably never will. The people, not the GOP, must win the Senate in 2014. We can only do it if all of us go to the polls and vote, even if you have to hold your nose when you vote, VOTE. After that we start getting rid of the RINOs. This old man sees too many comments by TH readers saying things like ...'I can't stand that guy/gal so I'm not gonna vote': Result.. victory for the other side.
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