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All I can say is wow! If this is the best defense that can come from the Obama sycophants then our health care system is doomed. No wonder I call Obama SLOTUS --Serial Liar of the U.S. Those policies were cancelled for one reason and one reason only, they did not comply with the requirements of the misnamed ACA. This was NOT a business decision (unless of course you call compliance with a bad law as a business decision), they previously offered a product that the consumer wanted at a price the consumer wanted to pay but the government has intervened in the market and screwed it up. Great analogy I heard recently was what they are doing to the young people. They are forcing them to buy a 5 bedroom home with a 3-car garage that they don't want or need and are told that its a better deal because even though they liked their 2 bedroom condo they had to sell it.
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The Gates Option

Earl50 Wrote: Oct 08, 2013 3:43 PM
Actually the law was not passed legally. It originated in the Senate. SCOTUS declared that as presented the American people it was not constitutional and was actually a tax, not a fine or a fee. Once they did that, it set up the next legal challenge which is in the works. So your premise is wrong and who will bear the brunt of the blame is likely also wrong. Recent polls show that a clear majority of Americans oppose Obamacare and oppose an increase to the debt ceiling.
I don't think you get it. Cruz, Rand Paul and Mike Lee understand that the Senate will not allow for the defunding of Obamacare and even if they by some miracle went along, Obama would veto. This is setting the stage for 2014 and 2016 and they are betting it will benefit the GOP in those elections. Time will tell if they are right but we can see what milquetoast Republicans give us and I for one am ready to try something different. And while a majority may not agree with this tactic, Obamacare has been consistently unpopular and as more of it is implemented that unpopularity will grow. It is indeed a train wreck and has to eventually be repealed and replaced with sensible reforms. Unfortunately, like most entitlements it will be very difficult to simply repeal it. This is a long-term battle for the heart and soul of America and whether we slouch towards European-style socialism. All we need to do is look at Europe to see how badly that will turn out....the question is whether we need to hot bottom like Europe has before we turn away or whether we can do so based on their experience. Again, I am not optimistic but we have done so before and this could be a first step in that direction.
I think that is essentially correct and probably the most disturbing aspect of this entire sordid mess. The opportunity to get rid of Obamacare was in 2012 and when Obama was reelected and the Dems held the Senate the die was cast. However, like welfare reform in the 90's, there will be real opportunities to dramatically change Obamacare if the a principled GOP someday gets control of the presidency, Senate and House (i.e., not too many RINOs). Will that ever happen? Who knows, but given the current sorry state of low information voters, our abysmal tax code and decades of liberal miseducation in government schools I am not wildly optimistic.
I disagree that no one wants him in America. The self loathing left wing nuts that also hate America probably love him. And looking at his rating numbers and accounting for all his friends and family members, several of them actually watch his show.
All the critique of the GOP about Obamacare misses the point. Fact, not one Republican voted for Obamacare. Fact, the truth about the act was out there before it was passed in a most unusual fashion by the Dems. Fact, our last chance to get rid of Obamacare was the 2012 election cycle and the GOP did not win the Senate or the White House. You can blame the establishment for giving us Romney, you can blame the Tea Party, you can blame the IRS for harassing Tea Party groups and the FBI for intimidating voter groups and so on. But the blame lies with the electorate, those who voted for Obama and those that stayed home because they could not vote for Romney. Yea reap what yea sow.
Don't forget making the tax rates during the latter part of Bush's tenure in office permanent. The real driver for economic growth and job creation is small businesses that are s-corps taxed like a partnership. Increased tax rates on the job creators stymies investment into new jobs.
Another point that should be made here is the rise in s-corporations in the last 10-15 years that are taxed like a partnership. What this means is that the profits of the corporation are allocated to the shareholders per their ownership percentage and thus are included on their personal tax returns.
I have zero confidence in this administration actually implementing any law that involves enforcement of our borders. I am beginning to think that Rubio is a useful idiot for the left as documented by Politico on the long-term impact of creating citizens out of 11 million undocumented Democrats. He is foolish to think that the GOP being involved in immigration reform will do anything to improve our standing with hispanics. Why accept half a loaf of goodies with the GOP when you can get the full monty with Democrats? Answer is they will not.
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What's Wrong with Public Nudity?

Earl50 Wrote: Dec 04, 2012 4:10 PM
I am always skeptical of posts that begin with a proclamation that is usually followed with comments totally at odds with that proclamation. Similar to the seminar callers who all proclaim, "I agree with everything you say and I voted for Bush twice" followed by a nonsensical left wing rant. I can certainly understand why this past was anonymous because if I found out they participated in a nude event with underage children that included one of mine he or she would need medical attention. The event you described is probably a felony and at the very least you should be a registered sex offender so parents know what kind of person you are.
Ask the DNC who constantly tries to disenfranchise military voters simply because they vote more often for the GOP. See their lawsuit in Ohio as exhibit 1. See their conduct in 2008 as exhibit 2.
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