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Election Lawfare and the 2014 Senate Races

Earl50 Wrote: May 01, 2014 4:12 PM
No, but I can show you video from Philly where the new Black Panthers kept legitimate voters from casting their ballot.
Am I the only one that thinks taking advice from left wing nuts that have trolled their way onto this article is probably not a good idea? I know, I know, they are just trying to help us out by advising us on the best candidate for us to put up against Billary. And I suspect they would LOVE a candidate that will disgust the base and be seen as half a loaf of goodies from the the low information voters. As for me, looking at the pitiful results we got with candidates like McCain, Romney, et al I will take a true conservative that can make our case. You would think after what will be 8 years of unmitigated disaster that a majority of voting Americans would actually get it.......you would think.....
Uh, that is interesting but really not important as Bush rightly had more electoral college votes. You can wish for something different but its in the history books. You see in our system the candidate with the most electoral college votes actually wins irrespective of the popular vote total. Of course we all know what the numbers would have really been had the networks not called the election for Algore long before the polls closed. Bush would have won the popular vote as well.
The problem faced by AGW proponents is that every day and in every way the observed, well documented and scientifically valid data seems to point to warming having paused despite all modeling predictions to the contrary. Without the models AGW is discredited because the models are the very basis for correlation of global climates and CO2. And we now know what we strongly suspected when the models could not be calibrated to historical data, they are wrong and do a very poor job indeed in simulating a complex system like our global climate. So I do indeed believe that AGW is a hoax and the evidence mounts every day. When a pyramid scheme begins to approach its crescendo the proponents become all the more strident. That is what we are seeing here with the ad hominum attacks against the tens of thousands of scientists that are skeptical of AGW of which I am proudly one.
Please do not confuse them with facts when they can hold onto a failed ideology. That is most unkind. :-)
Actually if you look closely at the data, CO2 levels rise with warming and not the other way around. If you look at the long-term trends (say over the last 300,000 years) you will see multiple events of warming followed very closely by increases in CO2 levels. The fact is that none of the climate models have accurately predicted the leveling off of warming over the last 15 years nor could they account for the Middle Ages warming period. When a model can't be calibrated to historical data and cannot predict the future, said model is wrong. Period. As a geologist and geophysicist with advanced degrees I can tell you with certainty that the global climate has always changed and will always change irrespective of whether man is spewing CO2 or not. And even if I grant you that anthropogenic sources are responsible for some of the warming (which I do not by the way), all the prescriptions promoted by AGW proponents are abject nonsense and will have a much greater negative impact on humanity than a few degrees of warming over thousands of years.
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The House GOP Sounds Retreat (Or Should.)

Earl50 Wrote: Jan 27, 2014 3:53 PM
More like aBS, cBS, nBS, cnBS, pmsnBS........
It's only her greatest regret because it has the potential to derail her fantasy of being POTUS, all to protect Obama's reelection bid. She could give a rats behind about the murder of four Americans and the Muslims injured and killed as a result of violence about a stupid video trailer that had nothing to do with Benghazi. She is a filthy, disgusting shred of human excrement and doesn't deserve to be elected as dog catcher, let alone President. Sadly, she will follow in Obama's footsteps and present herself as Santa Claus and claim any opposition as misogynistic and the low information voter will be all in for her.
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Some Thoughts on “Lone Survivor”

Earl50 Wrote: Jan 13, 2014 10:26 AM
While I agree with you that the NFL doesn't even remotely approach the reality of warfare, having played around with a few NFL players I can tell you that they are scary fast and strong. I had no concept of the amount of energy a 300 pound man that runs a 4.8 forty until I saw it up close and thankfully never felt. No they are never going to approach the experience of the military, particularly elite groups like Seals, but I wouldn't discount the physicality of the NFL. They might wet themselves but as we saw with Pat Tillman many would also have the physical and mental strength to make good warriors.
All I can say is wow! If this is the best defense that can come from the Obama sycophants then our health care system is doomed. No wonder I call Obama SLOTUS --Serial Liar of the U.S. Those policies were cancelled for one reason and one reason only, they did not comply with the requirements of the misnamed ACA. This was NOT a business decision (unless of course you call compliance with a bad law as a business decision), they previously offered a product that the consumer wanted at a price the consumer wanted to pay but the government has intervened in the market and screwed it up. Great analogy I heard recently was what they are doing to the young people. They are forcing them to buy a 5 bedroom home with a 3-car garage that they don't want or need and are told that its a better deal because even though they liked their 2 bedroom condo they had to sell it.
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