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Et Tu, Rand Paul?

Earl29 Wrote: Feb 16, 2013 3:10 PM
I'm afraid Mr. Deace is misreading Senator Paul's column. It is true that he uses the unfortunate term "undocumented citizens", but it is clear that he does not consider them to be citizens at all. He puts border security and enforcing the law first and requires a demonstration period of one year that border security is being achieved before any other measures toward normalization are taken. I would prefer two years. Read his column before you condemn him. I do not agree with all his words, but I do think he leans toward security first. I like Senator Paul and I may support him in 2016, if I'm still around by then.
Andy544 Wrote: Feb 16, 2013 3:24 PM
A politician and lawmaker who does not understand the crucial importance of selecting and choosing the correct 'words' in a political debate about important issues is either:

(1. an individual that is lacking in personal integrity who uses words ANY way he chooses, to mean WHATEVER he wants, to justify his positions (we have PLENTY of that kind already), or
(2. someone who uses words in a 'sloppy' or 'ignorant' and 'un-informed' manner (i.e. someone who is in 'way over his head' in leading people or nations)

Dictionary definition of citizen: "A legal resident of a country; someone who has the right to live in a country because they were born there, or has been legally accepted as a permanent resident."

Likely fellow 2016 GOP presidential rival Marco Rubio has taken some heat from the conservative grassroots for being the face of "comprehensive immigration reform" (or what many conservatives call amnesty). Now it appears Rand Paul is going to the left of Rubio on this issue if you read his column in The Washington Times.

Rand refers to illegal aliens as "undocumented citizens" in the first sentence of the fifth paragraph, which is overly gracious wording not even the liberal media uses. Rand says Rubio's plan for fines and penalties for those who came here illegally as a means of making...