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"(I)f California seceded from the U.S. to become a Communist state, is it really about freedom and independence?" Yes, for the rest of us.
Barack Obama is President now. I call upon him to end this racist nonsense.
So it happened under Bill Clinton. That doesn't make it any less wrong.
You don't take the work of others without giving them credit. Well, maybe you do, but maybe you're a leftist who doesn't know better. It worked, just not the way you wanted.
Thank you, Dyadd. Thank you very much. I confess I was not aware of that. I didn't know what his position was.
Neat, bill.
When you copy the work of others, you are supposed to attribute it to them, will. If I want to use Mr. Cain's plan, I'm supposed to say that I am advocating his plan, not my own. He deserves the credit.
Keen observation, gungy.
Not exactly specific, is he?
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