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Will the opening to Cuba play out well for the US? Not with Barack Obama as President. It'll probably be a boost for the Cuban Communists, however.
I can honestly say Eric Holder is an even worse Attorney General than Janet Reno, something I did not think possible.
I'm guessing we wouldn't retaliate except verbally.
Since I'm not racist, being called racist just underlines the ignorance of whoever is doing the calling. The reflection is on them; not me.
Yes, they did it themselves. And others could as well if they want to.
It seems that Alex Pinkleton has some degree of integrity. I hope she keeps it, but I won't count on it.
C'mon, massey, you hate him because he's guilty of being a black who lives in the real world and not Fantasy Land.
Actually, it was that idiot Murphy. That idiot Grayson was elected by morons in another district.
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