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Not Mitt; not Jeb; not Chris.
Mitt Romney is a very good man; he is not a great man. I hope he does not run because I want a Republican President and he can't win.
You are correct, however there are others I prefer to him. Above all, I prefer someone with a better chance to win. "I believe in less big government" is not a winning slogan.
I think they are moving to the right.
Bobby Jindal has fairly dark skin; I would vote for him. Allen West has dark skin; I would vote for him. Tim Scott has dark skin; I would vote for him. Lots of others as well.
I do not believe in God, but I would definitely prefer a President who believes in Christian principles.
He was not correct on every single topic, but he was certainly infinitely better than Obama. Being right, however, didn't get him elected. It is not enough to be right; you must also be effective, and Romney, sadly, and predictably, was not.
Then perhaps we should have nominated someone smart enough not to get robbed, kitty.
I did vote for Romney, but if we had a better nominee, people would not have stayed home. Don't nominate someone that people will not come out for and blame the people for not coming out. The people at fault are the people who insisted on nominating Romney in spite of warnings that he could not win.
You are clearly prejudiced against Sarah Palin. I don't know why.
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