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Are All Charitable Contributions Tax Deductible?

Earl29 Wrote: Mar 07, 2013 8:39 AM
All charitable contributions should be fully deductible. Not only do charities do infinitely more good for people than government, but keeping tax money from government is a good thing in itself. It limits the damage government can do; not sufficiently, of course, but somewhat.

Dear Carrie, How can I figure out the tax benefit of my charitable contributions? --A Reader

Dear Reader, It feels great to give. It can feel even better if your gifts are tax deductible. The tax benefits can be particularly important for large donors who factor charitable giving into their overall financial plans. But even for individuals who have smaller amounts to give, the tax perks can be a nice plus.

However, your question is right on the mark, because the IRS has a variety of rules surrounding different types of giving -- from gifts of cash...