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A Korean Nightmare

Earl Wrote: Apr 08, 2013 8:11 AM
The United States has not won a conflict so clearly as depicted here since 1945, not counting the take down of Granda during the Reagan presidency. If RWR was in the White House, maybe the US military probably would be allowed to do what it has the capability to do. Two things, however, trouble me. First, BHO isn't anything like RWR. Second, the world's greatest military is like the Scots' Grays at Waterloo...the best in the world but also poorly led. BHO, who has fired as many generals as Lincoln did with much better cause, has gelded our top leadership. The troops can do it from the brigade commanders and wing commanders on down, but I'm not sure about the flag officers. Some may still have fire in their bellies. I hope so.
OBAMA-DRAMA Wrote: Apr 08, 2013 8:17 AM
Flag Officers have plenty of fire in their bellies. This I can assure you. All have attended the US War College where their skill sets have been finely honed. They are ready, willing and able.
Earl Wrote: Apr 08, 2013 11:51 AM
There are, of course, several kinds of flag officers: warriors (and damn few...HR McMaster leaps immediately to mind...political generals such as Eisenhower...and careerists i.e. Wesley Clark. I'm thinking Dempsey might be the latter.

The Second Korean War began as Kim Jong Un smiled while the elderly clique of generals who had frustrated him with their cowardly advice and feeble half-measures filed into the Central Committee’s grand conference room.

They stood silently around the table, waiting for the boy-dictator to nod so they might take their seats. Kim saw the contempt in their eyes, the condescension, and it enraged him. They and their insistence on caution, their refusal to act, had kept his grandfather and father before him from achieving a final victory against the Americans and their puppets in the south. No more.