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Communal self defense. Now there's a concept wich can only be understood by a leftist academic.
Another gem of an article! Well stated and argued.
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LGBT Strikes Again: Comply or Die

Eagle 77 Wrote: Oct 13, 2014 11:15 AM
If it is true, that the LGBTQ are not to blame, then why are they not policing themselves and denouncing these types of political actions? The thruth is they are a major factor in the "progressive movement." They have done little more than present themselves as perpetual victims, in need of restitution. I agree with your sentiment, I also think that by not denouncing these actions the LGBT community is going to experience a very big backlash.
Will make not difference. Heuso knows that rank and file democrats who voted for him will never hold him accountable. Same with that DA in Austin.
What a great country. A man with a clean police record can purchase a firearm within 15 minutes! Wait, the fellow is even an African American, capable of purchasing a firearm to enable self protection and preserve his right to life. Kind of puts the lie to the notion of institutional racism that Lemon and Van Jones make on a daily basis.
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Three Cords And The Truth

Eagle 77 Wrote: Jun 15, 2014 10:14 AM
Never got a cord, but while earning an MA in History, I am proud to say I got pair of B minus', in two cultural studies courses offered by neo-Marxist feminist professors!
Let's remember that Dr. Rice is a respected member of the democrat foreign affairs brain trust. In reality she is performing one of the two roles assigned to women in the democrat party, that of covering for the screw ups made by men in the party.
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The Coming End of Affirmative Action

Eagle 77 Wrote: Apr 26, 2014 1:06 PM
As we are fighting and winning in dismantling affirmative action, the left marches on with its 'diversity' mantra. Unfortunately, many of the goals of affirmative action are being realized through the diversity movement in industry and government. The effect is to make sure people identify with their racial identity first and foremost, as if it matters above the identity that you create for yourself, husband (wife), father (mother) degreed or credentialed professional, tradesman etc. I would hope that one major change in 2016 is the dismantlement of the diversity industry.
Here in DC we spend close to 30k per child, per year. Funding, or as you say investing, into education is not going to improve education. Invest more in education, ok. Tell me three things you would do and how that would contribute to a positive outcome. Romney has done more to provide jobs for this country as a manger, thereby creating a tax base which paid for roads, schools and the like, than any government program could ever hope to provide. Your points are devoid of any argumentation, they are little more than gratuitous criticism, therefore they can simply be denied. I read that nonsense in college, I don't need to get wrapped up in your writing. For somebody who has the temerity to state that Palin has never had an original thought, you seem to fall into that category quite nicely.
I have to tell you peaceman, your really have the non-sense rap down pat. How exactly did Romney send jobs overseas?
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