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Has anyone ever noticed how much Axlegrease looks like Adolf Hitler?
Anyone who patronizes the Marxists Ben & Jerry deserves to go on the Bataan Death March
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Romney: Attack on Consulate Disgusting

Eagle55 Wrote: Sep 12, 2012 8:33 PM
An American embassy is sovreign US territory. To invade one and kill our ambassador is an act of WAR. Of course, Muslims attacking America is musc to the Muslim Obama's big ears.
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Mia Love's Coming Out Party

Eagle55 Wrote: Aug 28, 2012 9:30 PM
Mia Love was the hit of the evening. What dynamic delivery - brimming with passion! She is a star rising.
This is a classic photo. Dirty Harry has his hands crossed over his heart like he is an angel. Nit-wit Pelosi is gilded with her standard vacant smile. ObaMarx is glaring down with his ultimate arrogance at his slaves. Will Americans sell their freedom to this cast of sewage?
You have just demonstrated your total ignorance about starting a business. First, it is a waste of time to apply for an SBA loan unless you are a minority or a female. Second, the SBA rarely makes direct loans. The borrower must find a bank willing to accept the SBA guarantee - No small feat. Third, the SBA red tape will consume valuable time you need apply to building your business.
It is interesting to see a post with relatively cogent thoughts and semi-good grammar but completely devoid of fact or logic.
Williams does nothing except read the Whitehouse talking points. There was a reason the far left NPR fired him. He is not bright.
You forgot to mention defending Dingbat Pelosi, Dingy Harry, and the rest of the cast of loonie toons.
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