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The Trillion Dollar Trick

E1776 Wrote: Jan 18, 2013 4:11 PM
I'm a U.S. citizen, and I agree with Bondman, used to worry about the debt. I can remember Nixon and Ford's former Treasury Secretary warning us about the high U.S. debts back in 1978's book "A Time for Truth." Since, we have gone from under a $1 trillion debt to $16.4 tril. We churn away, with no severe reckoning. I thought it impossible to continue adding debt, but I was wrong. It's still working, and I don't see that this corrupting, maddening system will end soon. Generally, the middle class doesn't care about debts as long as it is fed by handouts- food stamps, subsidies, Social Security, Medicare. Most in the middle don't even know what's going on and ignore the news. Proof? The middle class re-elected the chief debtor. Won't stop.

The birth, and the apparent death, of the trillion dollar platinum coin idea may one day be recalled as a mere footnote in the current debt crisis drama. The ultimate rejection of the idea (which was to use a loophole in commemorative coinage law to mint a platinum coin of any denomination) by both the the President and the Federal Reserve seems to offer some relief that our economic policy is not being run by out-of-touch academics and irresponsible congressmen.

In reality, our government has been creating more than one trillion dollars out of thin air every year for the...