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Failure: Unions in America Today

E1776 Wrote: Nov 25, 2012 9:28 AM
What about the rules for not allowing one tradesman to do another job when required. Say a pipe breaks and no pipefitter is there to repair it. But an ironworker or mechanic can do the job in an emergency. Work rules prohibit others to do the work. Time is lost, a whole line can be shut down with multiple workers being paid, water (which costs money) is lost, the company loses money. This money could be the profit that turns into a loss, causing the company to go into bankruptcy. Despite your protestations, these union guys always pad jobs, do less work and charge higher rates. No, unions ALWAYS cause extra costs that cause companies to lose money.

Unions played an important role in American history. At the turn of the last century, a lot of workers encountered awful and dangerous conditions on the job. The workers banded together, demanded changes and got them. After that, Americans joined unions and the dues began to roll in. Riding that wave of compulsory money, union bosses rose. With that much money flowing, corruption wasn’t far behind.

Times have changed. The economy, country and world have changed. But unions haven’t. Union membership among non-government employees has fallen off a cliff. But although membership is down, their power remains large.

Why? Because...