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Extreme Drought Hits Much of US; Ranchers Sell Herds as Feed Costs Skyrocket

E1776 Wrote: Jul 15, 2012 12:15 PM
I have plenty of hay, over 900 big round bales, a lot of it left over from last year, that I can't sell in VA. That's why I cut and sell timber to get by. Wish there was some way to get hay to farmers who need it. It's kinda dry in north central VA, but I will still make a fall hay cutting. Oh, great, more hay piled up that I can't sell. I can't afford the cattle or fencing, or I'd try to raise cattle on my farm.

Corn, soybean and wheat prices have soared lately due to poor crop estimates amid extreme drought conditions in 26 states.

Let's take a look at those conditions, followed by charts of agricultural commodities

The Atlantic Wire reports U.S. Declares the Largest Natural Disaster Area Ever Due to Drought

AP Photo/Seth Perlman

The blistering summer and ongoing drought conditions have the prompted the U.S. Agriculture Department to declare a federal disaster area in more than 1,000...